State Of The Blog Address

It has been a while since I last posted a “State of the Blog Address,” so I thought I would put together some miscellaneous thoughts for a lazy Sunday afternoon.  I plan to touch a variety of topics from blogging to my personal life to money stuff.  Stay with me.

Frugal Dad News

First, I’d like to welcome all the new subscribers here at Frugal Dad.  With your help, I’m half way to meeting my goal of 7,000 subscribers by the end of 2009 (I started the year with 5,000 subscribers).  I’m humbled by the fact that so many of you receive my emails, check my feed, and visit here to leave comments each day.  Thank you.

Schedule:  I believe it is about time I published an official blog schedule. Of course, nothing is written in stone because sometimes life throws curve balls and you have to adjust a bit.  But for the most part I will try to adhere to the following schedule:

  • Monday – “Money/Frugal Living Post.”  Mondays will (usually) be the weightiest post of the week, with an in-depth look at a money or frugal living topic.
  • Tuesday – “Ask the Reader.”  These have become one of the more popular topics here at Frugal Dad, I think because it provides an opportunity for us to share feedback/ideas in the comments section.  The questions could come from other readers, or from me.  I appreciate your willingness to provide feedback and adding to the community “feel” here.
  • Wednesday – “Money/Frugal Living Post.” Similar to Mondays, another post on a money topic.
  • Thursday – “Link Roundup.”  Mondays and Thursdays tend to be high-traffic days, and I would like to take advantage of that by linking to a few of my favorite bloggers and their articles from the past week.  I’ll add a few editorial comments to some links, and simply list others, to keep the size of the post down.
  • Friday – “Guest posts, Special Features.”  Fridays will be reserved for guest posts, or a lighter post if none are scheduled. I’m human – I don’t like to work hard on Fridays, so these posts will probably take on a lighter tone than some of the deeper thoughts published earlier in the week.
  • Saturday – “Weekend Projects.” In the Frugal household Saturdays are mostly reserved for household projects.  Many of those benefit our bottom line in some way (gardening, installing a programmable thermostat, etc.).  Others are done for pure enjoyment/entertainment purposes, or to add quality time with our kids.  Either way, I plan to share a little about what we’re up to over the weekend.
  • Sunday – “Personal Money Stories.”  A new feature here at Frugal Dad.  I plan to give a more personal account of my daily money challenges and achievements from the past week.

Again, I’ll try to stick to this schedule for the most part, but on the occasion life gets in the way I may deviate a bit, or skip a post here and there to devote more time to a quality post the next day.

Personal News

Many of you have been following my mother’s recovery from an aneurysm and subsequent stroke suffered last September.  It’s been a long seven months, and about half way through her recovery she suffered a major setback.  Early last month Mom got very sick and we rushed her to the emergency room on a Thursday evening.  She was admitted, and it was later discovered that the aneurysm was bleeding again.  On Tuesday afternoon she underwent an 11-hour brain operation as a last-ditch effort to save her life – and she survived.

My mom raised me as a single parent, and I always knew her mental and physical toughness was second to none.  But this fight has been unlike any other we went through growing up, yet she continues to fight.  She’s been hospitalized the last six weeks or so, and recently began another round of inpatient therapy.  She is still wheelchair-bound, still not able to eat, and still mad as hell that she can’t do things for herself!

The experience has had a profound effect on all of us.  The reminder that a 53 year-old, healthy, independent woman can be struck down by something in an instant is sobering.  I feel saddest for my children, who were so close to grandma and miss here dearly.  We visit several times a week, but it isn’t the same as having her at home, having her at basketball games and school performances and birthday parties.  All we can do is continue to hope and pray that she makes a full recovery so we can all experience those joys again.

Thanks to all of you who have continued to keep our family in your thoughts and prayers these many months.  I truly believe those prayers have sustained her, and given her the strength to push through this ordeal.


This concludes the State of the Blog address for March 2009.  Times are hard, in many ways, but we are also blessed in so many others.  I have a job.  I have a wonderful family. And I have many virtual friends I’ve had the pleasure of meeting through this new-to-me medium, blogging.  If you are hurting, I hope things turn around soon.  No matter how down things get, take inventory of the blessings around you.  They could be as basic as a roof over your head, or food on the table.  They could be as extravagant as enjoying a week away with your family vacationing.  Either way, stop and smell the roses.  Life is short; enjoy it.


  1. Hoping for a speedy and full recovery for your mom. It makes everything else seem inconsequential, huh? Keeping her in my prayers.

  2. Thanks for the post. My best wishes for a full recovery to your Mom. Sounds like a very special lady.

    I think blogs like this are important to help people address their financial challenges and it’s good to see the advice grounded in a positive non-corporate manner.

    Looking forward to future posts.

  3. Keep up the great work, I so enjoy your posts! And yes we will keep your mother and your family in our prayers!!

  4. Just want to say that this is a great blog – one of our very favorites and at the top of our feed list. The blog schedule looks like it will allow for some great variety.

  5. I’m glad your mom’s surgery was a success! I know you’ve been going through a lot lately, I’m impressed you’ve been able to keep on writing during it all, thanks for all the great content.

    Hope your mom gets better quickly!

  6. Prayers for your mom and her continued recovery. She is very lucky to have such a loving son and family behind her. It makes a huge difference to have such support and love.

    Hope you are taking care of yourself, as well. Often, when we are so very focused on being present for others we neglect our own needs.

    Thanks for the state of the blog update.

  7. i am glad to hear that your mom is doing well, considering the circumstances. it is definitely a hard thing to cope with when loved ones are sick. you are in my prayers.

  8. I’m glad to hear your mom made it through surgery. I am sure that it’s rather scary to come so close to losing her.

    I actually have something of an idea what she’s going through. At age 19, I spent four months in the hospital, during most of which I was paralyzed and unable to do much for myself. For awhile, I was actually on life support. It left me with lifelong fatigue and a few other issues. But I guess my point is that it’s not just the physical trauma she’ll have to deal with. She’s had some major changes over the past 7 months, from what you’ve said.

    My (completely unsolicited advice) is that you acknowledge how frustrating it is for her — nothing worse than being utterly emotionally devastated and being told it’ll all be okay and to have a positive attitude — but to also help her realize that she’s going to have to learn to be more reliant on others. From what you said, she’s a strong, independent woman. Probably a total Type-A personality. And at age 19, I couldn’t stand having to ask people for help. It took me a lot of years (because I’m nice and stubborn) to learn that it wasn’t a sign of weakness to need help or rely on others. So I can’t imagine how it would be for a 53 year old. I’m not one for silver linings, but this may be a chance for her to learn that there is something nice about not having to do everything yourself, and being able to ask for help. It just takes a few years of stubbornness to get to that point. I am guessing she’ll slowly be gaining back some of her independence and motion, but I do hope she continues to learn that it’s okay to lean on people sometimes. It turns out, they don’t mind or judge — which was the fear I had. Most of all, I hope she’s a quicker learner than I was!

    Good luck to you both!

  9. congrats with half way meeting your subscriber goals – maybe you’ll hit the full 7000 in another 2 to 3 months:)

  10. Seeing a parent go through a severe illness is so tough – for the last three weeks I’ve watched my father battle meningitis, pneumonia, heart failure, and a possible stroke. He’s on the mend, but it is indeed very very difficult to see a parent in this way. My thoughts are with you.

  11. Your mom sounds like a strong lady, best wishes for a full recovery. Aneurysms are a scary thing as our family knows too well. My wife lost an aunt from one a couple years ago about a week after she (the aunt) gave birth to a beautiful daughter. She was in her 30s.

  12. I didn’t know about your mom. My mom and dad are only 53 as well. You’ve given me lots to think about. I really enjoy your blog, keep up the good work! We’ll be praying for your mom!

  13. just wondering how the financial end of it worked out. I’ve read so many horror stories about American healthcare, this quote from Time says it all (link below)

    “….is that they reveal the hard truth about this country’s health-care system: just about anyone could be one bad diagnosis away from financial ruin. ”

    Yet the Americans I talk to (admitedly a very small sample) seem to be very happy with their health coverage. This is includes several single moms.,8599,1883149-1,00.html