Sunday Conversation #3 with Frugal Dad

cup-of-coffee.jpgWelcome to Sunday Conversation #3! If you would like to participate in next week’s Sunday Conversation, simply ask your question in the comments section of today’s post and I will respond next Sunday. Remember, any subject is on the table (but keep it family-friendly).



Another great way to spread the word of your site is to leave thoughtful comments on other blogs in your niche. Be sure to leave your website’s address in the URL section if given the opportunity, but it isn’t necessary to include your URL in the text of the comment. Most bloggers consider this spam and it isn’t exactly welcomed. Take some time to read the post before commenting and add value, or add some of your personal experience, to the article. “This was great-thanks!” doesn’t cut it. You should also consider a similar approach to engaging in forums related to your niche. Just include a link in your forum signature and jump into the conversation by adding value to the discussions.

Take your message offline. A mistake many bloggers make is they fail to mention their site in offline communications, and even emails. Early on, I made up some inexpensive business cards with my site name, URL, and a few short phrases describing the content. I drop these off at doctor’s offices, post them on bulletin boards, leave in tip trays at restaurants, and on set a few on top of gas pumps. I also include them in any paper bills I pay, and gave a few out to family and friends so they can pass them around as well. When sending email be sure to create a signature with your site URL and include a link to your subscription page or email subscription link.

Offer to write a guest post. Guest posts are a great way to share your content with other audiences. Most blog owners will accept guest posts, but be patient if you don’t see it up and running in a couple days. Many times bloggers bank several days worth of posts and schedule a few days in advance. Your guest post may do better sandwiched between related posts, or at the end of a series of posts, so sit tight.

Finally, use weekly roundups or a similar format to highlight other blog posts you enjoyed during the past week. Bloggers enjoy seeing their content discussed and highlighted on other blogs, and will frequently reciprocate with a link to your content down the line.

If you would like to get my thoughts on a topic of interest, simply post a comment to this article below and I’ll include your question in next week’s Sunday Conversation.

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  1. I just wanted to say thanx for you posting so regularly. Your site has been helpful in so many ways. Because of this post, I found Luke’s blog, which ties into fitness, as when I have time, thats what I write about.
    thank you!

  2. Thanks for this post. I’m curious about your template and logo as well. I finally found a template (elsewhere) that I’m going to use when I switch to WordPress, but I’m still looking for a logo designer.

  3. I’m curious about your logo, which is nice, by the way. You mentioned it cost you $9.99. Where’d you have it done?

  4. On the “taking it offline” tack, I wanted to mention that there are a number of other, not-too-expensive ways to create some buzz about your site in the analog world.

    Pop over to CafePress and setup a free storefront with merchandise that’s branded with your own custom logo and/or design. My friends all kid me about how I “pimp” my site by wearing my own 2Dolphins logo t-shirt and have my own bumper sticker on my car. And I’ve given out 2Dolphins merchanidise as gifts a few times – imagine other people walking around with your site’s logo on their ballcap!

    Also, we created custom return address labels that include our website URL. We use these on anything we snail mail – especially at holiday times when you’re sending out loads of cards.

    These aren’t going to have boatloads of new visitors busting down your door, but they are inexpensive and creative ways to expose a whole different demographic to your site.

    Be mindful that the folks who drop by as a result of these offline promotion efforts may be very inexperienced and will benefit greatly from all the help you can give them. Ensure that you have an online contact or feedback form to make it easy to contact you. Also make sure that your “About” page can give total strangers enough info to grab their interest or sell them on why your site should be on their regular reading list.