Ten-Week Sam’s Club Membership for $10

I heard an interesting radio advertisement today for Sam’s Club.  According to the ad beginning this Friday, October 17th, you can sign up for a 10-week membership to Sam’s Club for only $10, which should last through the end of the year.  It could be a good opportunity to save a little money on Christmas shopping, stockpile paper products, and even save a little on gasoline (Sam’s Clubs usually offer cheaper gas than other stations). 

As always, do your homework before signing up for a membership.  If you doubt you will ever shop at Sam’s Club, or won’t buy enough to realize $10 worth of savings, you would do better to pass on the offer.  And keep in mind that bulk packaging is not always cheaper.  Sometimes you do better to buy smaller packaging, but more of it–always compare unit prices.

One note:  I wasn’t able to confirm this deal at the Sam’s Club website, but I have heard some buzz about the deal from forum participants in other markets, so I’m hoping it is something that is available nationally.  Watch the comments for updates, and please share a comment if you hear about this deal in your area.


  1. This sounds like a great deal, but a year long membership costs $40, or about $.77 a week. With ten weeks left in the year, that would be $7.7 dollars. So the $10 membership is actually slightly more expensive than the yearly rate.

    However, if you can stock up on a lot of goods, buy discount Christmas presents, and get cheaper gas, it may be worth it in the long run.

    aka the Bargain Hunter

  2. I just called my local Sam’s here in Austin, and after staying on hold for a while to wait for them to confirm, they told me they are offering the 10 week membership, but you have to sign up on Saturday only.

  3. @Sarah: That’s Saturday, not Friday? I heard Friday on the radio spot, but it could vary by location. Good idea to contact your local store–thanks for the heads up!

  4. BJ’s is also offering a 60 day membership for free as a Trial offer. They also have a 14 month for 12 month membership for $45.00 with a giant coupon book included.

    Great deals!

  5. It’s available in Oregon on the Pacific Coast – but the nearest Sam’s is over 90 miles away – so why are they even advertising it on our little station that only reaches 20 miles in each direction? LOL!

  6. This is really smart of Sam’s Club to do this. I’m not sure if there will be enough savings for $10 membership. Maybe it’s just me – but I never thought the deals were that great. Don’t forget they don’t accept coupons!

  7. I heard the same ad in the greater Phoenix area, but I don’t remember if it said a specific day.

  8. I was interested to find out that a business membership to Sams was $10 cheaper than an individual membership. I signed up under my business name and all they needed to see was a business card to get the membership. They also offer perks to business members like early morning shopping before they open to the general public. I like that because I can shop without the crowds.

  9. Last year I paid $45 for membership.
    This year they want $50. I’ll pass this time.
    Mostly because the nearest one is 80 miles away!
    (Altho it is in the same town as 1/2 my grandkids!)