The 7 Reasons Nothing Leaves Las Vegas (Infographic)

Las Vegas is famed for its sin and sleeplessness. But really, the city remains one of America’s last affordable indulgences. Off-season rooms at Circus Circus drop to $23/night so it turns out cheaper to live on the strip than to rent a two-bedroom Vegas home! Affordability and convenience make Vegas a hotspot even during a recession.

Check out this Infographic scaling Sin City’s crazy tourism industry:

Las Vegas Infographic


  1. Loving the infographics you’ve been providing – very simple and clean and full of info (as they should)

    wanted to let you know that there is a very minor error: for #7, the number of hours above your calendars shows 37 Billion (9 zeroes) instead of Million (6 zeroes)

    good work man… saw your previous one featured on Droid Life

  2. i wish you would proofread these better. i’ve found an error in almost every one.

    in this one, you write 37,000,000,000 and then later refer to it as 37M.

  3. I’m not liking the constant graphics. Could you just do them once in a while, please? Otherwise I’ll just have to press the “mark all as read” button in my reader.

  4. Like the infographics. They are a great way to get across information in a fun/lighthearted way. I think what you are doing is great with mixing them in the regular blog. I think it would have been cool to add some statistics on gambling/debt. After all, you are the frugal dad. 🙂

  5. Very disappointed, infographics blurry on my android smartphone — any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks!

  6. $23.00 a night.. whew that is only 690.00 for a 30 day month with free electricity and heat included???

    Wow my mortgage with a 2.73% interest rate approximately is 2012.00 a month… and not including heat and electricity or a/c..

    I’ll take 690 a month… wow,…. that is a cool way to live .. hop from hotel to hotel.. and travel light like a Monk.

    I could retire and do that someday.. leave NYC.

  7. While interesting, I’m not really sure what these have to do with the “thrust” of the blog.

    So what if there are 3X more casinos than chruches?
    Or that there are 15,000 mile of neon?

    And 2 in 10? Couldn’t find a lower common denominator? How about 1 in 5?

    Don’t want to sound mean spirited, but I’d hate to see the blog drift away from its original intent.

  8. Math on the shrimps is not correct.

    60 000 Lbs is around 27 metric tonnes. Tiananmen Square is 440000 square meters. That is ~61g per square meter. More like a truckload.

    And Tiananmen Square is not largest in the world.

  9. Love Vegas! You can live like a king for cheap! The parties are endless and the people are beautiful! Although I might be getting a bit too old to hang out late like I used to. Pure and Drai’s are ecstacy.

  10. Man, what a bunch of whiny commenters today!

    I went to Vegas very cheaply in the winter after 9/11. They actually had a deal for airfare for two from Chicago and two nights at the Stardust for 2 people for $200 TOTAL! I thought it might be a scam but it was legit. They even shuttled us to the Stardust. I am not a gambler but for those prices who could say no!

    We ate fairly inexpensively and when we got bored of gambling, we rented a car and checked out Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon, both of which were easy drives from Vegas and awesome places! I enjoyed the trip immensely even though I only played $50 worth of slots.