The Best Things In Life Really Are Free

I failed to provide a book review yesterday, because honestly I haven’t had much time to read this past week, and I didn’t want to write up a review without working through the entire book. I’ll make up for it next weekend with two reviews.

The “Power’s Out” family fun night on Friday went over well. We had a simple dinner and then turned off all the lights and gathered in our family room. We told stories, played a game or two by candlelight, and talked in-depth about the kid’s week at school. Next Friday we are planning a homemade movie night with popcorn and a DVD selected by the kids.

Yesterday my son and I had the house to ourselves as the girls were invited to a tea at an old historic home in a neighboring town. We made ravioli for lunch and then headed outside for the rest of the afternoon. We jumped on the trampoline, blew bubbles and tossed a ball. Who says it costs money to have fun?

I wrapped up our taxes over the weekend and it looks like we’ll owe some to the feds. I’m currently maxing out my exemptions to max out my monthly earnings, but I may have to scale back an exemption or two to break even next year. By the way, if you haven’t done your taxes yet I would suggest you get a move on – it looks like the upcoming tax rebate checks will be based on your 2007 filing, so the sooner you file the sooner you are eligible for the rebates. I used TurboTax (affiliate) to complete my taxes, and have for the last several years. Also, look for a Turbo Tax Coupon Code before signing up as you can definitely save a few bucks when you have to use their expanded services.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend. I’ll resume the usual thought-provoking, insightful financial posts tomorrow, but quite honestly I just wanted to quickly share some things happening in our frugal family’s life without putting too much research time into a full-blown article. Who knows…this might become a new Sunday tradition.

TurboTax is Easy, Free Edition, Fast Refund


  1. I bet your kids loved your family night idea. So cool!

    We started processing our taxes and it looks like we will owe this year. My husband does some freelancing on the side and none of my work has taxes pulled out since I am self-employed. It is turning out to be much less than we anticipated though so that is a good feeling!

  2. I love to go for a walk with my son. Often we walk down near the train tracks and watch the trains go by.

    It’s a neat way to spend some time together, without spending money.