The Fab Five: "Hotlanta" Gone Cold Edition

I was in Atlanta much of the day yesterday, and on the road the rest of the time, but I did get a chance to peruse a few of my favorite sites.  The last time I was in Atlanta the temperature was in the high 90’s.  Yesterday it was in the 40’s and windy!

The Fab Five

The Low-Gift Christmas. I love the idea of a low-gift Christmas, and the idea of a no-gift Christmas would be even better!  This year we are keeping expenses down and buying for our kids–that’s it.

What Desperation Looks Like. Here’s a guy who is not afraid of being laid off, because he has already figured out that living paycheck-to-paycheck is not a path to prosperity.

Why Simplicity Is More Important Than Ever. I agree that we could all benefit from more simpler lives–I know I could! The “paths to simplicity” in this article can certainly help towards that end.


  1. Great links here. Love your blog as always!
    We are limiting Christmas more then ever. It’s not because of a lack of money – or credit! We just don’t need the stuff – and either does anyone else.