The Fab Five – Leap of Faith Edition

Photo courtesy of Lisa Andres

Inspired by Lynnae’s idea over at, I’m going to scale back on the number of articles in my roundups, but increase their frequency to two or three times a week.  During the week, the roundups will likely come in the afternoon after the usual morning posts.

Often times I run across a great article I really want to share with readers on Monday, but have to wait until Saturday to include it, along with several other articles in one large collection.  I hope this format will improve the quality (and timeliness) of the articles I share, while generating a little more attention for the bloggers I highlight.  Let me know what you think of the new format in the comments section.

The Fab Five – Leap of Faith Edition

Leaving My Job Q&A.   In case you missed the excitement last week, Madison over at My Dollar Plan was featured on Yahoo Finance.  The interview generated some questions about how Madison walked away from her job at 29, so she put together this great Q&A post.  It’s informative, and inspirational to those of us who would like to exit the rat race a little early ourselves.

Doing What You Love Can Lead to More Than Just Happiness.  Speaking of leaving your job, here’s a short, inspiring video from Gary Vaynerchuk (if his name sounds familiar to you bloggers out there, it’s because he gave an excellent keynote at Blog World Expo as reviewed here at ProBlogger).

The Suitcase Test:  The Things You Really Need.  This article reminded me of an old friend and coworker who immigrated to the U.S. from Poland carrying a suitcase and $1,000 he scraped together after months of savings.  He worked at a convenient store at night, put himself through school, and landed a job with a Fortune 500 company within five years, all with the items he started with in his suitcase.

Our Early Retirement Plan:  Obstacles and Expenses.  Lazy Man added his fourth chapter in their plan for an early retirement.  We share many of his same obstacles (health care, education, etc.).  One big difference is that my wife and I had our kids early on, so I guess you could say some of our costs of having kids has been frontloaded.  If we can survive having a child in college for eight consecutive years, maybe then I can think about leaving the corporate world.

Would You Leave Your Job During the Crisis?   Keeping with this edition’s theme, this post from The Digerati Life asks readers if they would leave their job during the current economic crisis.  It’s an interesting thought.  I think one of the lessons of this recent downturn (and the tech bubble that burst nearly a decade ago) is that there is no longer such a thing as job security.  It is a good idea to always remain flexible, keep a good emergency fund, and cultivate those side hustles!


  1. Some great links there – thank you. I found the first one quite inspirational. My husband and I both left the rat race to spend more time with our kids – it was a conscious decision to do this before we turn 40 and we managed to.

  2. I left the “day job” world seven years ago at 43. I couldn’t have done this without my commitment to frugality and a clear understanding of “side hustle” !!

  3. I prefer the shorter list of links more frequently – since you were asking for input!

    Sometimes the longer list is just too overwhelming. Thanks!

  4. You mentioned Dave Ramsey previously. After learning the hard way, he has been helping people get out of debt for 20 years now with Bible based advice on his website (, his books and his daily talk radio & TV shows. I don’t think he’s a poor media role model.
    And by the way, a payday loan with usually very high interest rates is not being frugal at all.

  5. @Dave: I don’t remember ever referring to Dave Ramsey as a “poor media role model.” In fact, I’m a huge fan of his radio show, his books, and I am a MyTMMO forums member.

  6. I guess I took it out of context somehow, but this was posted the 7th. Under “poor role models in the Media”, You were talking about the role models kids are attracted to. “In their eyes Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Dave Ramsey are just “some old guys they saw on the news.”

  7. @Dave: Gotcha. Yeah, I was referring more to the way young people view those three individuals, not the way I do. I admire them all, and like I said, I’m a big fan of Dave Ramsey.