The Fab Five – Midweek Roundup Edition

Below are five interesting posts I’ve had the pleasure of reading so far this week.  Back later today with my own post on discovering (nearly) effortless ways to shave a little extra off your monthly expenses.

  • Now is a Good Time to Be Living on a Budget. Often times when the going gets tough, the budget gets going. Not the time for that according to this excellent article. In tough times one of the very best things you can do for managing your money is create and stick to your budget.
  • Christmas Budgeting – Building a Christmas Fund.  Never too early to start budgeting for Christmas. In fact, the earlier you get started, the better! Last year while still suffering from post-holiday shopping remorse, we committed to saving $50 a month towards Christmas and not touch it.  I’m proud to report we have left it alone, and now have our Christmas/Giving fund in place for the holiday shopping season.
  • Renting Garage or Driveway for Passive Alternative Income.  I’m always on the lookout for adding a new “side hustle.  This is an interesting, “outside the box” idea for creating passive income, particularly if you live in the right spot.  When I was a budding entrepreneur in college I was inspired by the number of people that moved their cars to friend’s house, and then sold their parking spot on football game days to cover the cost of admission, food, and post-game celebratory items.
  • Manage the Family Finances by Cutting Expenses AND Increasing Income. Simple Mom tackles a question I receive quite often here at Frugal Dad.  How do I get on a budget when my outgo is greater than my income.  Simple answer–cut your expenses and increase your income.  Easier said than done, I know, but this post provides some great ideas to kickstart your plan.


  1. 1. Thanks for the Frugal Fab Five! I never read the roundup (too long), but this makes the bites easier and I’ve enjoyed a couple already.

    2. The College Savings is a SUPER article! Thank you very much – we’ll use this for planning right away, and as our 2 and 5-year-olds grow.

    3. Regarding using a budget, we have been using Mint ( to manage our budget. The nice thing is the automated weekly report that lets us know how we’re doing.