The Family Budget Boot Camp

For those missing my usual Thursday roundup, I want to share a bit of news. Instead of working up a weekly roundup post, I spent the last couple days working with the folks at to help a special project.

This morning I submitted a guest post in support of their Family Budget Boot Camp. It was tough to settle on addressing my post to one individual family, but I related most to Lori, a single mom struggling to get her finances, and her career, on track after a divorce.

As I mentioned in the post, I was raised by a single mother, so I am familiar with the financial struggles that go along with raising children on your own. My mom did an amazing job of juggling a career and being a present parent, and I have no doubt Lori will do the same.

Hope you’ll take a moment to visit the Family Budget Boot Camp site to read my post, and learn more about the families involved. I’d even suggest adding a word or two of encouragement, or sharing some money-saving tips, in the comments at

My post: Guest Blogger, Frugal Dad, on the Financial Challenges of a Single Parent

Thanks to the folks at for inviting me to contribute!

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