The Great Disruption: The Future of Personal Tech (Infographic)

Nothing sums up technology quite like the old saying: “out with the old, in with the new.” Whether we’re happy about it or not, our technology changes at a breakneck pace. Yesterday’s tools quickly find themselves outmoded and ready for the bargain bin. Even though technology tends to replace itself, that doesn’t mean you should be hounding for the latest upgrade or, say, an iPhone with a new number after it. Frugal sense will tell you to get the most out of what you’ve already invested in.

Nonetheless, all technologies are eventually overcome by new innovations. In the business world this kind of tech is known as “disruptive technology.” Our latest infographic covers many of the crucial disruptions that have brought us to today’s tech. Such disruptions can be so radical that they dramatically alter a culture or society, even our everyday lives. Check out the graphic below. What technology has forever changed the way you go about things?


  1. Guess it depends on where you live and how reliable the electricity is.
    I still have and use regularly my backups… a manual typewriter and a treadle sewing machine 🙂 A sun cooker and a propane camp stove, as well as woodstove heat in the house. And give me paper maps over GPS any day…. And my old fashioned land line phone that works when the electricity is out and the cell phone towers are down. 🙂

    I just pray “they” do not get us so dependent on the new technology and electricity that we forget how do do things without them 🙁

    I still have and play VHS tapes on the VHS/DVD recorder/player…. and cassette tapes on the Record player/CD player/Cassette player/recorder and radio combination…. My phone is not smart.
    I like my 100 yr old books for texture, smell, feel, comfort…. but with my aging eyes, I also like the larger font and lighting capabilities of my e-reader 🙂

    Guess it’s just about taking and using what you like – and remembering how to do without when you have to…. (happens every winter and every bad storm here almost! lol !)

  2. Cool infographic! .. There is definitely a heap of the technology being created which is reaching and helping a far wider audience.

    We launched in the US but are being picked up by people and groups working to help people with their financial situation as far afield as africa and south east asia already

    Utility at its finest!

  3. That was such a neat post Ryan. I can tell alot of work went into that. There’s no doubt that technology will just keep expanding and disrupting former technologies. I doubt that this trend will ever stop.

  4. I’m looking forward to the mobile wallet application. I am a little worried about the security aspect of it though. I tend to forget my wallet at home a lot more than I forget my cell phone.

  5. Great infographic. CNBC had a really good special on this morning about the newest disruptive companies and their impact on technology. Taking voice control in the car one step further is a company that will allow you to talk to other drivers that drive anywhere near your car.

    I’m a little worried about mobile wallet as well.

  6. This is such a well done info graphic, I am sharing it on facebook. Tell me, do you have any fears/concerns about the ethical and spiritual implications of the great disruption? I can think of some. Thanks to science fiction, we can now envision a time when the human body incorporates this technology via the use of nano devices and implantation, tattoos, surgery. In some ways this is what biotech is all about. You are already acknowledging a communications and consciousness revolution – we are aware of such much more than we used to be before this disruptive technology; are we talking about “new humans” here?

  7. 1. Disruptive they may be, the distraction results in more fragmented attention spans, and thus tendency to get news and information in clips and sound bytes. The world is much more complex than that, and requires time and patience to gain a complete understanding. Some of this technology is detrimental to some, highly addictive and results in lost productivity.

    2. The wireless wallet, while seemingly a good idea, will allow authorities to easily devalue money overnight. Security issues aside – it is the beginning of an intentional campaign to go cashless. This will allow governments even more control. Roosevelt had a bank holiday and literally devalued the currency by 40% overnight and declared owning gold illegal. Imagine what they could do with digital cash.

  8. I’d say the only thing this infographic is missing is HTML5 and how it’s adoption is steadily increasing (plus the efforts from Google, Mozilla, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, HP, RIM and the Linux Foundation to push it to being the #1 app platform to go with).

  9. Great infographic! Technology is always changing and then it changes our lives and lifestyles. It’s crazy how the smart phone boom has changed everything just in the last few years.