Top 50 Frugality Blogs that Will Help You Save Money

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With the recession on, many people are interested in saving money. It is no surprise that frugal is back — and in a big way. Here are 50 blogs (in no particular order) that can help you save money and live a frugal lifestyle.

General Frugal Living

These are general frugal living blogs that often combine frugality tips with personal finance ideas and insights.

1. Frugal Dad provides insight into living frugally by eschewing debt, getting the most for your money, and being happy with what you have.

2. Being Frugal offers a number of helpful articles on frugal living —  including a regular feature called Tightwad Tuesday.

3. Simple Mom is a blog that offers frugal living ideas, as well as personal finance information and life hacks.

4. Festival of Frugality is a rotating blog festival. It features great articles from a number of writers every week. The Festival has its own blog, which shares great information, tips and helps for frugal living.

5. Almost Frugal shares a personal journey on the road to frugality, and provides insights that can help you come along.

6. A Mother in Israel provides frugal insight for living a kosher life.

7. Domestic Sense is about finding ways to improve your quality of life while being frugal.

8. A Frugal Living Blog by a Frugal Guy focuses on making the most out of your life through frugal living.

9. The Frugal Duchess features helpful information on being frugal, while remaining fashionable and fun.

10. Pat Veretto’s Frugal Living Blog gives readers a first hand account of living frugally.

11. Frugal Zeitgeist offers personal finance ideas with a focus on saving money and frugal living.

12. Not Made of Money looks at frugal living from the perspective of a husband and wife team.

13. Fabulously Broke is a blog about saving money while still enjoying a good life.

Frugal Tips, Tricks and Bargain Hunting

Looking for tips and tricks to save a little money? Want bargain hunting advice? These blogs show you how you can save money every month.

14. $5 Dinners is a great frugality blog that focuses on helping you create delicious dinners for less than $5.

15. Frugal Babe chronicles her quests for great deals. Once you see how she does, you will see how you can do it, too.

16. Money Saving Mom focuses on grocery shopping tips, and providing information on good deals.

17. Ebates Shopping Blog is all about tricks, tips and offers to help you save money on almost anything.

18. It’s Frugal Being Green provides proof tips and tricks for being environmentally friendly while living a frugal lifestyle. It really is possible!

19. Mashup Mom is focused on sharing tips that can help parents live more frugally every day.

20. Make It From Scratch devotes itself to tips and ideas that can help you save money by making a number of things — from food to carpet cleaner — on your own.

21. Home Ec 101 provides helpful ideas on saving money around the house, from food to cleaning to fixing things up.

22. Fabu Daily offers frugal tips, as well as deals and coupons (and how to use them).

23. Frugal Blog on is chock full of helpful advice and frugal tricks on getting the most out of your money.

24. Mighty Bargain Hunter shares tools and tips to help you get the best deals and live frugally.

25. Savvy Frugality offers a number of tips and tricks to help you remain focused on living within your means.

26. Frugal Sister features helpful information, tools and more — from a pair of sisters helping each other live the frugal life.

Coupon Blogs

Part of frugal living is clipping coupons and finding online specials. These blogs can help you do just that.

27. Coupon Cravings provides regular deals, coupons and specials that can help you save money.

28. Mommy Saves Big printable coupons lets you peruse what’s available, and then print out coupons for your offline shopping needs. Online coupon codes available as well.

29. Coupon Mom Blog offers a number of coupons — by state — and provides information on free samples and offers to boot.

30. Coupon Blog specializes in online coupons, providing daily deals from different retailers.

31. Donna’s Coupons is the site on couponing. A great, daily roundup of online coupons and more.

32. Coupon Mountain has a blog that posts special deals for online and offline merchandise.

33. Coupon Chief offers a number of Internet deals. Others can submit coupons, and there is a trust score so that you know whether coupon contributors can be trusted.

34. Coupon Cactus provides codes, and even has a coupon alert system to let you know when your favorites are available.

35. Live on Coupons is from Idaho Press-Tribune, but there are plenty of coupon deals that are available anywhere.

36. Coupon Shak provides coupons on specific items, as well as rebates and travel coupons.

37. Retail Me Not lists merchants and coupon codes to help you save money when you check out.

38. Find Savings offers all a number new deals available daily.

Frugal Blog Posts

These may not be frugal living blogs per se, but there are often some good frugality posts. Here are some posts on frugal living from some great personal finance blogs.

39. Free From Broke offers 9 ways you can save money when it comes to baby costs.

40. Modern Gal shares specific ways she will save money while going green.

41. Stretchy Dollar has a great post on turning a super spender into a frugal saver.

42. M is for Money features some delicious meals that you can make frugally.

43. Savings Advice provides a handy step-by-step article on getting the most out of your coupons.

44. Christian PF lists 6 things you can buy now that will pay for themselves by this time next year.

45. Five Cent Nickel helps you avoid shopping pitfalls that can cost you more.

46. Moolanomy offers an interesting quiz: Are you frugal, or are you cheap?

47. My Two Dollars knows 25 household items that you can reuse to enhance your frugality.

48. Bible Money Matters looks at way you can eat out for less.

49. Pay Less for Food features a look at why now could be a good time to try store brand products.

50. Christian Money Mountain shares information on saving money on gas.


  1. I too use a lot of these great sites.

    Frugality is a way for a bond man to become free again! Everyone should pursue it, regardless of their financial state. Living frugally has been such a blessing to my wife & I.

    Frugal Dad strikes again with this great list!

  2. @Neal: Kind of you to say, but I think of fellow bloggers less as competitors and more as colleagues. So I don’t mind spreading the love (and traffic) as often as possible. That’s a unique thing about blogging, because few other businesses would agree with that approach. In fact, there are probably plenty of blogs that disagree as well.

  3. Thanks for the link. I am curious to see if the frugal habits will hold or if they are more of a fad for most households. Hopefully, environmental concerns will keep many people on the frugal and sustainable track.

  4. Was looking to see if any Canadian bloggers made the list, so far I don’t see any.

    Maybe I will have to do a list for us North of the Border.

  5. I don’t want to speak for Miranda because this was her list, but I will say that there are hundreds of blogs out there. The risk with putting together such a list is that you may inevitably leave off deserving blogs.

    Perhaps I’ll make this an ongoing series of (Top X Blogs) posts on various subjects so I can work in all my favorites as well.

  6. Great list – I’m sure I’ll find a few new resources here (and saw a couple that have moved and fallen off my blog reader list somehow, including Suddenly Frugal, who commented above).

    My blog, Cheap Like Me, fits the bill, too — at least I’ve heard from readers that I’ve saved them some money while helping them make life a little bit better.

    Can’t wait to check out the ones that are new to me.

  7. Frugal Dad,

    I do realize that you feel this way. You’ve been extremely kind and generous with me. I just really appreciate it and this is just another example of you bein’ da man!

  8. Awesome list. I’ve already been following many of these sites but it looks like I’ve missed out on a few that I need to add to my RSS. Thanks!

  9. Thanks for the resource. You have a nice blog here, Frugal Dad. As a fellow Amy follower and Nicheblogger member, I was happy to stumble across your blog. My blog is coming along, but has a long way to go to be on a list like this. If you have time to venture over to my URL, I’d love to have some feedback from some of the experts here. 🙂

  10. I wanted to share a new website for all of my frugal friends out there. When we shop this holiday season, this launch pad has over 400 stores that offer discounts and rebates. The big ones are one there: Gap, Justice, Walmart, Target, etc.. Check it out!

    The site is free to join and shop from your own site! You may have to copy and paste into your address bar. Take a look at the stores and click on what is blastoff!

    Happy Shopping!


  11. Great list. Saving money should be the #1 priority on the Internet today. I use all the coupon sites to do my shopping.

  12. Hi !

    As I was googling I found this great post. Hollie another commentor was seeing if any Canadian Frugal Blogs. I don’t per say have a frugal blog but I do have Tightwad Tuesday on my Blog.

  13. Thanks for mentioning Frugal Sister. I was just going through the list and realized we were on it. This is a great list.

  14. thanks so much for such an extensive list…i have subscribed to some of these great places already but intend to check them all out one by one. It’s a great help when someone takes the time to do the work for us. Thanks for all the effort.

  15. Really wonderful list of sites. I like them very much! I love shopping and like to shop with free online coupons.

  16. With over 1,500 page views per day it seems to me possibly you missed some folks in your list and have some that are not ranked all that high.
    GlossyMoney is a 60 year old couple who have been at the frugal thing longer than most all of these sites starting out on Front Page of all things.
    You might want to check it out.

  17. Thanks so much for including Make it from Scratch. What an honor to be included with such wonderful blogs!
    the most discounts more money save the sites of this coupons regarding much more then offers and discounts are available

  18. Do you think you cant save money?

    Go vegan for a week. Potato’s, beans, etc are so cheap. In USA, Dollar stores are a good source.

    Whatever is saved, goes in the bank.

  19. Living simple is a challenge when your family is not on board with consuming less and strategies for reducing debt.
    What are some tips on getting buy in from family members on frugal living?

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