Valentine’s Day Deals At ProFlowers

Yesterday I placed my annual Valentine’s Day flower order from for 18 red roses for my wife.  I made the mistake a couple years ago of waiting to buy locally and was disappointed because it cost me about $50 for only a dozen roses, and I didn’t even get them in a vase.

Being the frugal husband I am, I typically only order from ProFlowers twice a year – Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.  I’ve yet to be disappointed in the quality of their flowers and their customer service.  The rest of the year I stop by our local grocer on the occasional Friday to pick up a small bouquet for Mrs. Frugal.  What can I say, I’m a hopeless romantic.  Yep, she would agree–hopeless!


  1. Flowers for Valentine’s Day? You can do better than that! 😉 You must have something else up your sleeve. Of course, if you do, you probably aren’t going to share it here for fear of ruining the surprise!

  2. I have actually bought flowers for myself from my husband the week before. Why be shy about being frugal? If it’s candy he/she likes then buy 75% off Christmas items that are “red” for Valentines Day. The candy part won’t help now but the flower part could.

  3. I prefer the flowers to have roots, so a rose bush would be A-Ok with me. I used to love getting cut flowers but now I want the plants instead…we have the property as before we were in an apartment.
    that is a good price btw.

  4. When I went into their delivery fee area it said the delivery charge is $22.98 for Saturday delivery on Valentines Day.

    That charge applies to flower products less than $45. If your order is $70 then the price goes up to $27.98 for a delivery charge.

    Sounds pretty steep to me compared to local florist delivery charges.

  5. @Mark: Definitely shoot for a Friday delivery if you can. The weekend holiday is skewing the shipping costs a bit this year as ProFlowers ships via Fedex/UPS to guarantee freshness.

  6. @frugalDad: It would seem then to me that the most “frugal” way to get the most out of a true Valentine’s flower delivery would be to have a local florist deliver it…already arranged in a vase…at half the cost. After all, V-Day is on the 14th and not Friday THE-13th.

  7. @Mark: If that works for you, I encourage it. In my area the rose selection is pathetic this week, so I prefer to spring for quality flowers once or twice a year.

  8. I would find it interesting to see a picture of it posted on your blog after it arrives…and of course after the hugs and kisses. Nice talking to you. Best wishes.

  9. I used to work at a florist, and I’ve told my husband not to buy me roses between January and June. The cost is SO inflated during that season – and it’s not your local florist’s fault. The demand is so high that it’s natural economics. Knowing how much more they cost in February than August still always puts a damper on my enjoyment of them though. I’m with Val – if he wants to get me flowers (which I still love, don’t get me wrong!) I prefer getting a perennial that will keep producing beautiful flowers for more than a few days.

    Additionally, I’d say that the amount of care and attention that gets put into the average Valentine’s or Mother’s Day bouquet is far less than you’d get outside those two insane holidays. It’s a crazy assembly line filled with LONG hours, and staffed with temporary (read that as largely untrained) personnel – there isn’t time for personal attention to every bouquet. There were many that were slapped together and rushed out the door in about a tenth of the time we would have normally spent on them. So what you’re getting for your money around Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day really isn’t the best quality for your dollar, in my experience.

  10. If you buy your wife flowers occasionly throughout the year and write a personal love letter on Valentine’s Day it will save needless spending. I mean to point out that do you need to wait until FEB 14 to show your wife how much you appreciate her? If the both of you are on the same page with respect to getting debt free, then your wife should understand and know through words and flowers at other times that you appreciate her.

  11. I am calling the main florist in town for side hustle money via delivery services. They hire a bunch more folks to deliver and I have been told $100-200 is the average one can make.and I have a van. whooo hoooo!!

  12. There is a way to minimise the spendings to buy folowers on Valentine’s Day.Just bur some great few roses and giver her a love note.

  13. Lynn Mac! Love your comment about Christmas candy for Valentines. One of the most important frugal facts is to take advantage of after holiday sales! Red paper becomes Valentines wrapping, green items are fun for St Pats. I like to pick up holiday bake sale items too.

  14. I showed my son the proflowers website for him to consider sending his flowers to his girlfriend. He decided on a $40 bouquet that came with a vase and a bear. He added the candy (very small) for $10. By the time everything was added up he spent $91.42. When we got to the end I tried to talk him out of ordering from them but he was in love with the Hugs and Kisses bouquet with Tulips and Iris. She is in High School so it had to be delivered on Friday.

    I just don’t think this was a very frugal idea. Last year I went to Walmart and purchased a vase and cut roses and put a dozen roses together for her for about $30. My BFF works at the school so she delivered them for me. I’m sure these will hold up beautifully and She abolutely LOVED them but as far as frugality goes I think this is a miss. Luckily my son has more extra money than his parents do right now.