Weekly Roundup: Abbreviated Edition

Pressed for time, so just a few favorites from the past week.  More to follow later in the weekend.

  • 5 Ways to Take Time Off Work.  I’m always amazed at the number of people who have maxed out vacation accrual, or are even at risk of losing vacation time at their jobs. Get out of the office. Enjoy your family and the world around you!
  • Save for College Using These Tools and Strategies.  Nice collection of “Tools To Help You Save For College.” Includes an eye-opening chart of suggested monthly saving recommendations based on child’s age and type of college (private, public, Ivy).
  • Is It Fair to Be Judged by Your FICO Score?  I hate what FICO has become. A FICO score says little about the quality of its owner, and makes assumptions about people’s lifestyle that is rarely accurate outside of statistical correlation.
  • Buying Things on Sale is an Awful Way to Save Money.  This falls under the category of spending money to save money, which is pretty hard to pull off unless you are able to track usage and carry the costs/benefits far enough out to justify the expenses. Often times the greater savings would be found by skipping the item altogether, even if it is a great deal!


  1. My employer doesn’t accrue time – once a year we get a an extra check for a week’s pay. It’s probably to discourage us from taking time off, but rather, I work it so I just take off the days I want, or hours of a day. They don’t actually track it – and of course I don’t get paid for that time off, but it seems to be working for me. I usually take my full week and then a few scattered days here and there.

    As I only work 4 days a week anyway, I feel like I get a vacation every weekend to start with:)