Weekly Roundup: April 2008 Review Edition

April was a good month for Frugal Dad. We saw over 80,000 page views and increased subscribers to 727 by the end of April, up from 357 in March. Thanks to all new subscribers for signing up – glad to have you all here following along. My May 2008 goals include reaching 1,000 subscribers and topping 100,000 page views. Both of those milestones were on my six-month goal plan when I first started blogging and it would be a major accomplishment. Of course, I couldn’t meet any of these goals without your support – so to my readers, a big thank you!

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Here is a Look at the Five Most Popular Articles at Frugal Dad from April:

Now, for the Roundup!

10 Ways to Eat Out for Less. Nothing kills a food budget faster than dining out. This is a great guide to save money on the occasional splurge. (@My Dollar Plan)

The Five Ps: Breaking Down Big Dreams Into Little Steps. If this post doesn’t get you fired up you may need to check for a pulse! (@The Simple Dollar)

50 Ways to Save Money By Not Wasting. I’m such a sucker for huge lists of ways to save money and reduce waste – and this one does not disappoint! (@Clever Dude)

Be Wise With Your Economic Stimulus Tax Rebate. Lots of these economic stimulus articles floating around, but this one provides a very thorough summary and schedule, and includes great ideas for what to do with the money. (@My Super-Charged Life)

Learning to Love the Emergency Fun.  A great personal review of how J.D. came to love his emergency fund.  We love ours, too, I just with there was more to love! (@Get Rich Slowly)

Practical Investing Guide for Beginners. Fantastic resource for the new investor. (@Moolanomy)