Weekly Roundup – Back to School Edition

No, I’m not going back to school personally, but I have a couple kids who went back last week, and I know many parents are readying their kids for a new school year. Those headed off to college will also be departing soon.

It’s a scary time for both parents and incoming freshman, and one of the things that usually happens around this time is colleges send out those tuition bills that must be paid before classes start. Depending on where your kids are going to school these bills can range from a couple thousand dollars to the price of new car. If you and your kids aren’t saving for it now, better get started!

The Frugal Roundup

The Power of Resourcefulness: A Guide to Peeing in the Shower. Don’t be turned off by the title, this is actually a very thought-provoking post on the subject of resourcefulness. I happen to believe being resourceful is at the very heart of being frugal. (@Man vs. Debt)

SurvivalBlog.com. Rather than trying to pick out a specific post here, I decided to link to the great introductory section of Survival Blog. If you are into survival, preparedness, and related topics, this is THE blog for you! (@Survival Blog)

Easy Career Growth Tip: Read. I’m always amazed to learn how little people read books. Like I tell my kids, reading is a way to learn as much as you want on any topic imaginable. It’s also a great way to stay current at your job. The last company I interviewed with asked me the last couple books I read. Great question! (@Free Money Finance)

Grocery Hacks – How To Save Money on Groceries. I’m a sucker for a great post on saving money at the grocery store. This one doesn’t disappoint. Read on to learn how “Team Jabs” knocked $150 off their monthly bill. (@Debt Free Adventure)

Back to School On a Budget. Nine great tips for saving money on back to school shopping. Fortunately, we’ve wrapped up most of our back to school shopping. Before the weather gets cool we’ll be shopping for new coats and a few long sleeve shirts, but other than that we’re all set. (@Bargain Babe)

Why Study Abroad? Get Educated in a Foreign Country. I have no experience with study abroad, except that I was good friends with a guy who moved to the U.S. from Poland to fulfill his dream of becoming an American citizen, and graduating from a college in America. The funny thing is, through our friendship he wound up teaching me a lot more than I taught him – he became my early frugal mentor. (@The Digerati Life)

Best of the Rest

And finally, a shameless plug for my own subscriber options here at Frugal Dad. Long-time readers know that my goal for 2009 is to reach 10,000 subscribers. Depending on the fickle FeedBurner service, I am around 9,000. If you are a casual reader here, please consider signing up for free. If you are already a subscriber, thanks for sticking with me!


  1. Back to school shopping is really tough! I have been homeschooling for 19 years. We love to head to the stores in the summer to buy school supplies, clothes, etc. But in tough economic times, we didn’t buy anything. When you are homeschooling, you don’t really need the brand new clothes. You can get by with whatever books, notebooks, etc you already have on hand. Still, I do get a nostalgic feeling, come September, and want to do some shopping! Oh well, the feeling will pass….

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