Weekly Roundup – College Football Picks Edition

Late night tonight, and I have no energy to think of something witty to write here. I would normally come up with something fun to share related to money, but it’s approaching midnight, and I need sleep. When all else fails I turn to another subject near and dear to me – college football.

With fall practices well underway, who is your pick to win it all this season? Realistically, it is hard to count Florida out considering all the players they return from last year’s team. Note, I am not a Florida fan, but recognize they are a solid football team, top to bottom.

I’m an Auburn man myself, and this year with a new coach, a new (old) quarterback, and new coordinators all around, it should be interesting. My prediction for Auburn’s season sounds like most years – we’ll beat a team or two we shouldn’t, but we’ll lose just as many to teams we should beat. And so it goes with my Tigers.

Feel free to share a prediction for your favorite team in the comments section.

The Frugal Blitz

Stress-Free Back to School: Setting Up a Homework Zone. An excellent idea for those of us with kids heading back to school. I know I always work better with a clean, organized environment free of distractions. Even more important for kids. (@Organizing Your Way)

Spend Time to Save Money. It’s true what they say, “time is money.” But the opposite is also true. Investing a little time can go a long way towards saving you money, as this article points out. (@Mrs Micah)

The Get-Started-Now Guide to Becoming Self-Employed.  If you have ever thought about venturing out on your own, read this. If you have never thought about venturing out on your own, read this. Either way, it will affect your opinion on being self employed. (@Zen Habits)

The Myth of Stable Employment. Gone are the days of 30-year retirement ceremonies, complete with a gold watch and a pension statement. No such thing as a “stable job” these days. (@Brip Blap)

How You Can Prepare For A Background Check. Most people feel pretty helpless when they discover a position requires a background check. However, there are a number of things you can do to improve your chances of passing with flying colors. (@The Wisdom Journal)

9 Really Weird Ways to Make Money. Trust me, there are some really weird ones listed here, but for good reason. Sometimes extreme circumstances require desperate measures, and if you really need the money, these are nine quick ways to generate extra cash. (@Moolanomy)

Personal Finance Basics: Key Purposes of Budgeting Systems. An excellent post on the seven key purposes of a budgeting system. (@My Super-Charged Life)

The Library Still Rocks! Yes, I Like The Free Movies And More. My kids love to go to the library to check out books, and recently discovered movies there, too. Libraries are a great source of free entertainment for both children and adults, and the educational opportunities are endless. (@The Happy Rock)

Overtime – The Best of the Rest


  1. As a native Minnesotan I have to cheer for my Golden Gophers, although they haven’t put together what could be considered a successful season in at least a decade. Of course we have an awesome brand new stadium this year, so I think I may even try to get to a game or two this year.