Weekly Roundup – Confession Edition

Hey everyone! Adam from Money Relationship here. Jason was kind enough to allow me to do this week’s roundup to give you some news. You know Chris who has been posting here (on Fridays) about his debt? Well, Chris is actually me. When I first started blogging, I wanted to share our journey out of debt. However, my wife felt a little different about that. So, I thought I would create a pen name (Chris) to blog under.

Lately, I have been talking to my wife about coming clean and she agreed that it was time. We have had great support from the readers here and over at Money Relationship. We now want to share with you our journey out of debt on a more personal level. I think it makes it much easier to follow someone on this type of journey if you can connect with them. We want to get to know you and support you in getting debt free just like you will support us. Transparency is our new goal. You can also check out the post where I confessed to my readers and announced some upcoming projects.

I look forward to you joining in the great discussion here and at Money Relationship. Have a great holiday season!

The Frugal Roundup

Why We Are Weird. Some people make their own deodorant. Others only buy grocery items that have coupons. People may say you are weird, but I bet you would call yourself normal. (@Marc and Angel Hack Life)

Getting Out Of Debt: Make That New Year’s Resolution Work. Flexo offers some great tips on making your debt-free resolution stick in the new year. (@Consumerism Commentary)

Action Beats Inaction. JD talks about getting things started even when you only have a little. Only have $100 a month to save in a Roth IRA? Do it anyway! (@Get Rich Slowly)

Best of the Rest


  1. Listen to some gambling confessions and you’ll see how people borrow money at crazy rates to bet it all away in a few minutes. Then they make payments for years for that thrill that lasted only a few minutes.

    John DeFlumeri Jr

  2. Hey ChrisAdam…. I blog under a pen name too but my real name is Ian.

    I have been sitting on a large debt and am just making plans to tackle it with a debt management plan (In the UK). But I appreciate your honesty and am planning to be transparent myself throughout the journey… I’ll fight this crap off and come out stronger. We should not be afraid of talking about debt, there is too much stigma in society.

  3. My wife worries constantly about revealing too much information but for some reason it never bothered me. I’d rather be transparent and get as much help as possible so I can GIVE as much help as possible later.

    Thanks for the link and getting out of $150,000 in debt is certainly doable. I paid off $120,000 in 52 months once I got serious!