Weekly Roundup: Contest Reminder Edition

The response to the the Frugal Dad tote bag contest has been great with nearly 200 of you leaving a comment to enter. If you are not already entered, you still have a little time left.  The comments section will close at 11:59pm tonight (October 31st), so leave an entry now, and then come back here and read some great posts.  The three lucky winners will be announced on Saturday morning.  I’m already cooking up next month’s contest…stay tuned!

Top Ten List for Weekend Reading

The MomAdvice Big Give:  Faith Mission of Elkhart, Indiana.  Amy’s post gets the top spot this week because the subject is such a worthy mission.  Basically, Amy has created her own Big Give challenge, calling on bloggers, PR representatives, and others in their community to find a way to give big this holiday season.  Kudos to Amy for getting out front and inspiring so many others to give in their communities!  This is what the Christmas spirit is all about.

A Zero-Sum Worldview.  I really enjoyed this from Brip Blap.   What he gets at is the root of the political divide in this country between the “haves” and the “have nots.”  “Have nots” are convinced they can find no success as long as the “haves” keep being successful.  Not true, working together we can all make progress without anyone having to be hurt in the process.

16 Ways to Save Buying in Bulk.   Great tips here to keep “bulk buying” from turning into “bulk spending,” something we’ve realized in our own family.  In the past we went nuts loading up on things because they were a little cheaper, but didn’t get around to using them in time.  This certainly isn’t frugal; it’s just plain wasteful.

Five Questions I Ask Myself Before Making a Purchase.   My favorite? “How can I save money on the product?”  Once you’ve established an item is a need, and not a want, start thinking of ways to acquire it cheaper, without sacrificing too much quality.

5 Tips for Reducing Your Moving Expenses.   Lots of nuggets in this one, like checking CraigsList for moving boxes.  During our last move the largest expense besides renting the moving truck was buying boxes (and it was a close second–those things are expensive!).

Set Aside $1,000 in an Emergency Fund.  Now.  The amount one should keep in their starter emergency fund is debatable ($1k may not be enough for some families), but the advice to get started is concrete.  An emergency fund is the first step away from you and a financial cliff.

Stuck in a Rut?  How Change Does a Mind and Body Good.  I confess–I’ve been in a rut for a while now, and when things settle down with my mom’s medical issues I plan to shake things up a bit to create some new routines.  I’ve heard it said that the only difference between a rut and a grave is six feet.

What Would People Do With a Stimulus Check ?  Reader Responses.   We’d do the exact same thing with another stimulus check as we did with the first one–straight to debt repayment.


  1. Wow, thank you so much for that link. I really appreciate it. I am so looking forward to making our big give happen and I am just hoping it inspires other to get in on the giving action.

    What a great round-up- going to browse around ALL of the sites. Thanks so much!!!