Weekly Roundup: Easter Egg Edition

Happy Easter to all those celebrating today!  It has been a great week here at Frugal Dad.  Some increased exposure brought new subscribers and introduced me to several new blogging friends.  The Life Skills Network is really taking off with the introduction of our new website.  We are fortunate to have such a diverse collection of bloggers writing quality content on a variety of subjects.  I’m honored to be a part of this group.

Here are a few Easter Eggs I found hiding around the web this week:

10 Things to Add to Your Life / 10 Things to Eliminate from Your Life offered some great suggestions for spring cleaning your home, and decluttering your life in general (@Remodeling This Life)

Why Be Frugal?   It’s a fundamental question all us “frugalites”have to face at some point. (@Gather Little By Little)

50+ Resources to Legitimately Raise Your Income is an awesome collection of legit ways to boost the money coming in. (@My Super-Charged Life)

5 Ways I Plan to Survive the Recession This list beats anything put out by the mainstream media.  While they tend to focus on the “doom and gloom” aspects of a dreaded recession, Ron points out some practical steps to take to avoid a financial meltdown. (@The Wisdom Journal)

About to Enter the Workplace for the First Time?  Try the 50% Solution.  Great concept – wish I had read this ten years ago and applied it! According to Trent’s article, I would already have 10 years of financial independence banked!  (@The Simple Dollar)

Are You Selling Your Credit Score?  Of course, not all of these are bad, but as Pinyo points out you must pay these things off when the bill arrives or interest and fees can wipe out any gains you make. (@Moolanomy)

There’s No Shame in Renting.  When did renting become a dirty word?  Renting makes a lot of sense in many scenarios, but people bought into the “your throwing your money away” mantra of mortgage brokers and realtors.  Do what’s best for your situation, and follow Lynnae’s advice in this great post. (@Being Frugal)

Budgeting for Irregular Income offers up some great ideas for setting up a budget when earning income on an irregular schedule (commissions, part time work, etc.).  (@DebtFREE-Revolution)


  1. thanks for the link FD, a bit late on my reader this week, hope to be caught up by tomorrow night.