Weekly Roundup: Economic Stimulus – Early Payments Edition

Beginning Monday, April 28th, American taxpayers will begin to receive their economic stimulus rebate checks, a full week earlier than scheduled. My guess is that there is a growing concern that increased recessionary spending may be the only thing to pull us out of this slump. Hence, the need to get cash in consumers’ hands even faster.

Not sure what to do with your stimulus payment?  Here are five ideas:

Before I move on to the roundup, I’d like to ask readers to keep a fellow blogger’s family in your thoughts and prayers. Pete, over at Bible Money Matters, is caring for his wife who was admitted this week for a dangerous blood clot in her leg. We certainly hope to hear soon that she is doing better and you both are back home resting up.

Now, on to the Roundup

Speaking of tax rebates, this is a great resource for economic stimulus rebate questions. @Cash Money Life

The Things Money Can’t Buy. Wonderful reminder to focus on doing three things each day – laughing, crying and thinking. Get in all three of these and you have had “a heck of a day!” Bonus: This post includes one of the most inspiring speeches ever by the late Jim Valvano. @The Simple Dollar

Consumer Reports 10 Ways to Be Ripped Off. Beware of these rip-offs. @Frugal for Life

How Long Does Litter Take to Disintegrate. An eye-opening look at how long it takes household items to disintegrate. @The Good Human

Save Money When Grocery Shopping. As food prices continue to climb these tips will become more and more relevant. Excellent resource! @Gather Little By Little

The Outrageous Cost of Storing Stuff.  We used to have a storage unit because after getting married there wasn’t enough room for mine, hers and ours.  It didn’t take long to realize what a waste of money that was.  We paid something like $40 a month to store a bunch of junk we never used!  @Get Rich Slowly

7 Solid Tips for Living Debt Free. Great tips for living a debt-free lifestyle. @The Wisdom Journal

Improve Your Computer’s Performance Without Spending a Lot of Money. Technology items used to take a huge chunk out of my budget, until I started practicing these kinds of tips to make the gadgets last longer. @Cash Money Life

The Joy of Camping. Maybe it’s the warm weather, but I’m getting an itch to do some camping. This is a great resource for the frugal camper. @Being Frugal

Tips to Reduce Air Conditioner Usage. With temperatures rising, so are energy bills. This article has some great tips for reducing energy use by the number one power hog in the summer – your air conditioning system. @Remodeling this Life

Men It is Time to Revive Chivalry and Become Knights! Is chivalry dead? Maybe not, but it is dying. As Jeff states, “Men need to stand up and lead their families, businesses, and communities with passion!” Amen.@My Super-Charged Life

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