Weekly Roundup – Extra Income Guide Edition

This time of year, a lot of people are looking for ways to make a little extra money. The site Moolanomy recently shared an incredible extra income guide, which breaks down the various types of income, how to earn it, etc.

After many unsuccessful, or at least less-lucrative, attempts at side hustles, I’m glad I finally settled on blogging. It was slow going the first year or so, but the great thing about blogging is it is sort of a passive/active hybrid business.

Posts that I wrote months, or even years, ago still bring traffic to the site for which I make a small bit of advertising revenue. Of course, you still have to feed that stream with a steady dose of new content, but once things get going, it is much easier to maintain.

I’d love to hear from others out there hustling for a side income? What are you up to?

The Frugal Roundup

  • Frugal Trader shares how they paid off their mortgage in three years. How exciting to know we could be mortgage-debt free three years from today by using a similar strategy.
  • Ron put together 9 ways to improve your home for less than $100. We’re gearing up to do a little painting ourselves. I actually like to paint, it’s the prep and clean-up I hate.
  • I like Trent’s idea of creating a five year sketch, rather than a five year plan, which doesn’t sound nearly as fun! My end result will be part sketch, part detailed plan, part pie-in-the-sky dream.
  • Steve wonders if working for a salary is a bad deal. My problem with working for a salary is efforts are rarely rewarded quickly enough. If you bust your butt on a project in March, you may not see a boost in salary until the next January. On the other hand, if you close on a big sale and get a commission, or land a new client and see new revenue to your own bottom line, instant reward.
  • Along those same lines, this piece asks the all-important question regarding income – do you want a predictable income, or are you willing to take some risk? I’d like a little of both.

Best of the Rest

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  1. Yup, I know I found you through an old article you wrote. Sorry, I don’t remember which one, but I remember after I read the one, I spent a couple of days on your site, just reading all your archives. You really do have so much wonderful and inspiring content.

    I hope someday I can build a similar arsenal of my own that is unique in it’s own way.

    • I’m just glad you found me, Sandy! And I’m glad I found your site in turn. Really enjoyed your last post, “Buy a House without a Mortgage.” If it had come out a day earlier, it would have been included in the roundup. Always next week!

    • I completely agree. I’ve been following you for a couple weeks now, and you really do have a lot of inspiring content, but you also provide links to other content that’s very good reading. In particular you link to becomingminimalist up above. I hadn’t read this blog before, and between reading some posts on this site, and another linked site, minimaliststudent, it dawned on me that I am becoming minimalist in nature. Having less is much more satisfying that having more:) Thank you for this site.

  2. Thanks for the link. It seems like a little bit of both is the common answer for the predictable income question. I wish I could say I had a different answer, but I’m not as risk averse as some.

  3. Blogging is my first attempt at earning income outside of my regular job. It was slow going for me at first too, so good thing I really enjoy this creative outlet. It true that once you have a decent archive, you really do not need to add content on a daily basis to keep things going.