Weekly Roundup: Fay, Fay, Go Away Edition

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Things are getting soggy here in the south with Fay deciding to take up residency in the state of Florida.  We badly needed the rain, but this is a little excessive.  The worst thing about the rain is that I didn’t get our grass mowed in time, so our yard will be a soggy mess for days.  Hope everyone is safe and sound.

The Roundup

5 Things Scuba Diving Taught Me About Living Life to the Fullest.   Jeff says, “There are a lot of parallels between the principals of scuba diving and how to live a rich and fulfilling life.” His article defines these “parallels,” and makes a lot of great points along the way.

Save Money at Restaurants.   Money savings strategies for dining out are becoming more and more valuable as the costs of food rise.  These increases will be felt at restaurants much more than at grocery stores.

40 Positive Effects of a TV Free Week.  I’m convinced our lives would be a little better if we unplugged from the television more often.  We scaled back from the 100+ channel digital cable, to expanded cable, to a basic cable package with ten channels.  We couldn’t be happier!

Investment Management Tips for a Tough Stock Market Climate.   Number one tip, “Go against the crowd.”  I love this advice when it comes to investing.  When others are selling right and left it is a great time to look at bargains and dollar-cost your way into a great stock or fund.

Canning is Making a Comeback.   Canning could be making a comeback as people again start to appreciate the fine art of stockpiling your own preserves, vegetables, etc.

What?  Me Stressed?  A Stress Test and Tips to Reduce Stress.   This health scare involving my mom has been stressful.  Unfortunately, one of the first things I quit doing is eating right and working out.  I immediately start eating crap and skipping trips to the gym.  Hey, at least I can admit it!

Five Myths About Simplicity Busted.   Most people look down on simple living because they think it means a life of misery.  Quite the contrary–those truly living a simple life are some of the happiest, most content people you’ll ever meet.

38 Random Thoughts on Building Prosperity.   My personal favorite?  “Don’t let STUFF rule your life.”  Amen!  Once you get a handle on “stuff” it makes it much easier to live a prosperous life.

What To Do With My 401(k) After I Quit.   A thoughtful discussion on what to do with a 401(k) after leaving the company.  Hard to go wrong with the advice to roll it into an IRA to retain control and provide the best investment options possible.

This is the Right Personal Finance Book for You.   Sort of a personal finance book roundup of its own, this post provides a great list of finance reads.  Trent even went the extra step of suggesting a book for various stages in personal finance education.

7 Sneaky Ways Your Health Insurance Can Save You Money.   A lot of people leave benefits on the table in the form of unused annual physicals, paid-for dental exams, etc.  But the savings don’t stop there.  Time to hunt down my own employer benefits and give them a thorough reading.

Generation X Feeling Sandwiched Between Boomers and Generation Y in the Workplace.  Generation X is right smack in the middle of Boomers setting up for retirement, and Generation Y entering the workforce.  With Boomers working longer it makes for a strange generational mix in the labor force.

Paying Off Debt.   Changing your money habits has to happen from the inside out, and this article details what’s required to do just that.

Best Credit Cards for College Students.  This one goes against the conventional grain and suggests that college is a good time to “charge wisely and build your credit history.”

11 Cheap (and Free!) Toys for Young Children.   Often times it is the simplest things that kids enjoy the most. This is a great list of cheap ways to make toys out of everyday items around the house.

I’ve got a fun post lined up for the weekend, and I’ll try to sneak in a Sunday Conversation to answer the questions you asked a couple weeks ago.  


  1. Hope she goes away soon. We could use a little(but not too much) rain here in the midwest.

    Some great links this week. Thanks.

  2. Family in Chokoloskee, Fort Myers Beach, Alva, Inverness, and Old Town all say Fay passed and left them all a-ok, except for the wet lawns. I am grateful from 3800 miles away in Oregon 🙂 Glad ya’ll did ok, too 🙂