Weekly Roundup: Frugal Gardening Edition

This weekend we spent quite a bit of time outside building a square foot garden (more details in tomorrow’s post).  I picked up the materials last night and assembled this afternoon.  It was fun to get outside and make some sawdust again!  Of course I had a couple great helpers in my son and daughter.  All this warm weather has me looking forward to the beginning of a new season.  Spring is my second favorite time of the year (behind Fall).  Pretty soon things will be blooming, yards will be greening up and trees will replace their drab browns for bright greens.

And now for some of my recent favorites that popped up around the web:

Negotiating a Raise (@ My Dollar Plan) reminds us of some great tips for negotiating with the boss for a raise.  Annual review planning time will be coming around soon for those of us who get raises (hopefully) in July.

7 Things to Discuss Before the Marriage License (@ The Wisdon Journal) is a timely post for the spring wedding season.  It has been said that the choice of spouse is as important to one’s success as the choice of one’s vocation.

8 Things to do Before Closing on a Home is a great compilation of reminders to consider if you are moving soon.  Here in the states it is still a buyer’s market in most areas with low rates and a surplus of houses on the market.

Questions that May Help You Find Your Purposes (@ Semi-Charmed Wife) asks some questions that may help you identify just what it is you were put here to do.  Anyone going through a mid-life (or quarter-life) crisis should read this and examine what they should do with the rest of their lives.

I’ve Left My Job!  Tying Up the Loose Ends (@ Digerati Life) is another in a growing number of successful bloggers who have parlayed their talent for writing into full time self-employment.  Trent over at The Simple Dollar also recently announced his departure from the rat race.  This seems like such a distant dream for a newbie like me, but a guy can dream can’t he?

The GRS Garden Project:  February Update (@ Get Rich Slowly) was the motivation behind my square foot garden idea.  I just recently read his popular post on starting a garden and thought it was probably too late to get started this year.  This post got me motivated again. Also I found some amazing deals from lowes that helped made the decision easier for me.

I hope everyone has a great week!  Be sure to check in tomorrow for a detailed post on how to start a square foot garden (with pictures).


  1. Thanks for the linkup FD, I appreciate the description you used. And Fall is also my favorite season;)

  2. Thanks for the link Frugal Dad!
    They say that no choice we make in life can have a more profound effect on us than the person we choose to marry.