Weekly Roundup: June All-Stars Edition

Photo by Per Ola Wiberg at FlickrHard to believe half the year is already in the books.  Time flies when you are having fun!  Things have been fun around here for a while now.  Last month Frugal Dad added 342 new subscribers, a 34% increase from May.

In the month of June I received the second-highest monthly page view totals ever at 72,766.  I’d like to thank everyone who linked to an article here, added me to their blogroll, or told an offline friend. Thanks for helping spread the frugal message.

Top 11 Referrers – June 2008*

  1. Smart Spending (MSN)
  2. The Simple Dollar
  3. Being Frugal
  4. Get Rich Slowly
  5. Simple Mom
  6. Life Hacker
  7. Mommy Snacks
  8. My Two Dollars
  9. My Super-Charged Life
  10. Single Guy Money
  11. Moolanomy

*I included 11 because only 2 hits separated numbers 10 and 11

Most Frequently Searched Terms to Find Frugal Dad

  • Second Stimulus Check
  • Frugal Dad
  • Square Foot Gardening
  • How to Get Out of Credit Card Debt
  • Frugal

My Favorite Posts from June

How I Survived an F5 Tornado that Destroyed My HomeThis was a great read because I felt like I was actually right there next to Jeff as that twister passed over his home.  Thankfully, his family was unharmed – houses can be replaced, but lives cannot.

A Month of Menus.  This came in handy as I took over nearly all the cooking duties when my wife hurt her ankle.

50 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do.  I need to add air conditioner repair to this list.  Ours went out this morning and it is already 80 degrees inside our house!  Thank goodness for emergency funds!

Truth About Credit Scores.   Even after working in the financial industry for a number of years I learned a few new tips about FICO scores from this great interview with a myFICO.com representative.

My Book Writing Journey From a Dream to a Deal and a Finished Manuscript.  Looks like Trent has wrapped up the final manuscript for his book.  As a long-time Simple Dollar reader I’m looking forward to reading this one!

Personal Finance 101 – Live Like No One Else.   Debt freedom must be a wonderful place to be.  Just imagine the things you could do with no payments, tons of savings and a changed family tree.

50 Frugal Date Ideas.  Some fun, frugal date ideas sprinkled throughout this great list!  Some of the best dates my wife and I have been on have also been the cheapest–proof that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a good time.

Thoughts on Financial Independence and Early Retirement.  A great discussion on how to find your number, and claim financial independence. I have a number in mind myself, but a little debt and two college funds to save for keep getting in the way!

Creating My List of Financial Priorities.  Fresh off a Money Magazine mention, NCN shares his personal list of financial priorities including retirement investing, insurance, budgeting, college savings, etc.  I always enjoy reading what others are doing for various aspects of their financial plans.

11 Fun and Frugal Summertime Activities.  I plan to use several of these ideas to get the kids out of the house a bit over the next few weeks.  I especailly like the plant tour idea.  When I was a kid I toured a candy factory and an airplane jet engine manufacturer–I thought both were about the coolest places in the world!