Weekly Roundup: Memorial Day Edition

iwo-jima-memorial.jpgIt has been a busy week and I didn’t get to the feed reader as often as I normally like. This roundup will be a little lighter than others, but luckily I did have some time to pluck a few gems out of the blogosphere. Enjoy!

Now, for the Roundup

Turn Your Wasted Money Into a Debt Reduction Plan offers a creative way to boost your debt snowball. (@My Dollar Plan)

Gifts that Matter Don’t Come From Wal-Mart is a timely reminder that it is gifts from the heart that mean the most. Keep this one in mind for Father’s Day, graduations, etc. that will be coming up over the next few weeks. (@The Simple Dollar)

What To Do With a Deadbeat Relative from Mrs. Micah shares a few approaches to try when dealing with a relative who refuses to pay back a loan. As I pointed out in the comments section this story illustrates why I don’t loan money to family members – I give it away if the situation calls for it, no string attached. (@Mrs. Micah)

American Idol Teaches Five Lessons on Being a Winner. I don’t personally like the show, but I completely agree with Jeff’s lessons on what it takes to be a winner. All I know is there were two guys in the finals with the same name, so congratulations David! (@My Super-Charged Life)

Frugal Living for Beginners. Sometimes it seems overwhelming to start a frugal lifestyle. Lynnae simplifies things in this great primer for frugality. (@Being Frugal)

How to Credit Card Companies Charge Interest on Your Balance? David shares yet another reason to get out of credit card debt – interest! (@My Two Dollars)

Now and Then: My Current Financial Situation Compared with a Year Ago looks a lot like my own financial situation a decade ago. I hope I can recreate the kind of success J.D. has had at eliminating his debts and building savings. (@Get Rich Slowly)

What’s the Worst Financial Thing that Could Happen? Most people think death is the worst possible scenario, but in terms of finances, a permanent, long-term disability can actually be worse. Take Ron’s advice and be sure you are covered. (@The Wisdom Journal)

Another weekly roundup in the books. Don’t forget to get those submissions in for tomorrow’s Sunday Conversation. Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend, and take time to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy today.

image by spakattacks