Weekly Roundup: New Series Announcement

Next week I’m kicking off a week-long series here at Frugal Dad called “Beyond the Emergency Fund: Preparing Your Household for All Types of Emergencies.” I’ve had two experiences in the last week that tested our emergency preparedness here in the Frugal household. Last week, our street had a serious water leak that resulted in us losing water overnight. Naturally, none of us had showered yet, and there were dirty clothes and dishes to be washed. It was a bit of an inconvenience, but imagine if we had been without water for days or weeks?

Last Friday night, we lost our central air conditioning for nearly 72 hours. Daytime temperatures reached 100 degrees with a heat index approaching 110 degrees. Both emergencies served as a wake up call for me to become better prepared to handle household emergencies. And that preparation goes beyond 12 months of expenses in an emergency fund (though that’s a great start!). I’ll be writing more next week about ways to prepare, and over the weekend, I plan to try to get out and take some pictures of things we’ve put into practice around our house.

One more announcement – I have a very special guest post scheduled for tomorrow (Friday) morning.

The Frugal Roundup

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Best of the Rest

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  1. So excited about the new series! I am always looking for ways to be prepared for whatevever comes our way. Great idea!! And sorry about the water leak; ugh!!

    We have our water periodically (but not often) shut off due to living close to a large manufacturer (beer!) who re-routes water to the facility. Thus, we have become habited to “keeping up” with water demanding chores i.e. run the dishwasher @ night, I try to keep the washing caught up (at least so we have sufficient clothing to wear) & DH showers @ night. We also store a significant amount of water (for hurricane/emergencies) & we are now the proud owners of a “WaterBob” (thanx to you!)

  2. Can’t wait to read what your guest blogger has to say tomorrow. Also, really interested in what you have to say about being prepared for emergencies.