Weekly Roundup: Not Enough Hours in the Day Edition

Wow, is it already that time of the week again?  Seems like just yesterday I was writing the weekly roundup for last week.  One benefit to staying busy is it helps time go by fast.  One downside to staying so busy is time goes by too fast.  I need to remind myself to come up for air ever-so-often, and stop to smell the roses.


photo by Versatile Aure

It was an exciting week, professionally, as I started writing for Wise BreadI’ve always enjoyed the community at Wise Bread, particularly their forums, so this has proven to be a great opportunity.  I also wrapped up that proposal I’ve been working on for a freelance gig and shipped off the first two sections of work for the full manuscript.  Hope to hear approval this week so I can finish the entire project by the end of May.

Here are a few of my favorite articles from the past week:

Check New Tires for this Code Before They Cause an Accident.  Wasn’t aware tires had a “born on” date until I read this. Good info! (@My Two Dollars)

Dining Out Frugally Without Stiffing on the Tip.  How to be frugal without being a tipping cheapskate. ( @Mrs Micah)

The World Needs More Great Followers.  Leadership is overrated and over-emphasized in our society.  Many a great leader is successful thanks to a legion of great followers.  (@My Super-Charged Life)

High Prices GOOD for America.  You won’t hear this on the nightly news, but it sure makes a lot of sense! (@The Wisom Journal)

How to Shop at a Farmers Market.  I hope to find a good farmer’s market in our area to start buying locally grown produce. This looks like a great guide for navigating the market! (@Cincinatti Locavore)

Twelve Top Personal Finance Podcasts. My favorite of the bunch is The Dave Ramsey Show, but several others look interesting.  (@Get Rich Slowly)

Sixteen Hardcore Tactics for Lowering Your Monthly Bills.  Great ways to lower your monthly bills! (@The Simple Dollar)

Going Back to the Corded Phone to Save Energy.  Simple, painless way to reduce energy consumption. (@The Good Human)

Goodbye Citibank!  A sure-fire way to make it on the roundup is to destroy a credit card!  Congratulations to Lynnae for taking yet another step towards debt freedom!  (@BeingFrugal.net)

Don’t forget, if you would like to ask Frugal Dad a question, submit it to last week’s Sunday Conversation comments and check back tomorrow for my response.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. @Jeff and Ron: Thanks guys! Ron, don’t know about being a ProBlogger, but I’d take being a PTBlogger…is this an official title?

    • Thanks, Writer’s Coin. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to spread the Frugal Dad message to an even wider audience. Should be a lot of fun!