Weekly Roundup: Primal Blueprint Edition

I’ve lost 25 pounds since January 1st! If you knew how much I needed to lose to start with, that number would not impress you much. In fact, I probably could have lost much more had I continued to eat healthy, as I set out to do in 2010.

But 25 pounds is 25 pounds, so I’ll take it. The good news is, much of that loss has come in the last 4-6 weeks, when I kick-started my weight-loss goals following a plan called Primal Blueprint. Not one to follow plans (or extremes), I was naturally skeptical.

However, I started reading Mark’s blog, Mark’s Daily Apple (hat tip to a reader named Michael who first introduced me to Mark’s blog), and found that much of the information resonated with my “frugal diet” approach. Eliminate processed foods. Watch your carb intake, even whole wheat grains. Move slowly several times a week. Move quickly once or twice a week. Move heavy stuff. Eat high-quality meat, plants and berries. Even I can do this. So far so good!

The Frugal Roundup

Learning How to Let Go of Stuff. Some people find it easy to get rid of all of their stuff while others struggle with disposing of things with sentimental value. How do you find balance? This post has some great tips on learning to let go. (@brip blap)

Modern Maturity: Create More, Consume Less. Here is an excellent article on how we value maturity in a man today. (@The Art of Manliness)

The Tiger Woods Method of Busting Your Budget. Love or hate him, Tiger Woods restarts his golf career today. Ron makes a great point about how when it comes to money, many of us feel the same type of entitlement that Tiger Woods did. (@The Wisdom Journal)

Do We Have Too Many Choices? A commenter brought this question to Lynnae. How difficult would it be for you to live like the commenter in this post? (@Being Frugal)

Best of the Rest

Have a great rest of the week everyone! Oh, one more exciting thing to share. We now have over 600 Facebook fans! 625 to be exact. Would love to have you join us there and/or on Twitter.


  1. Hm, I’ve never heard of it. It sounds very much like common sense, and personally I have a hard time paying for something that I can do myself (i.e. kick my own butt and tell me to stop eating and get to the gym!).

    Still, 25 lbs. is a great accomplishment – congratulations!

    • I’m the same way, but I did splurge on the book which explains more of the science behind the plan. Still, it boils down to common sense, as you’ve said. I am considering dropping my gym membership, as I can do all the workouts in my backyard and at the local track.

  2. Congratulations man. I’m pretty into nutrition and eating healthy. Simply drinking water instead of other sugary drinks and not eating when you are not hungry can go a long way!

  3. I don’t read a lot of blogs but Frugal Dad and Mark’s Daily Apple are two of them.

    I was fortunate to receive an autographed copy of The Primal Blueprint and I’ve been primal ever since.

  4. Nice work! Good for you. Some other things to do: jog in place while you watch TV, get a treadmill and put your laptop over it so you can blog and walk, and never let junk food into the house.

    • I’m probably limiting gluten through my new diet, but I’m not following a gluten-free plan, specifically. Either way, I’m pleased with the results so far.

  5. I can’t pay for these types of things, but someone may need it to kick them into gear. I’m all for that. Myself I’ve lost 5-6 over the winter but only want to knock it down another 4-5. getting there. keep up the work.

  6. Congratulations. I just started reading the blog and following the plan. I have been dropping weight like crazy…

  7. I’m sitting at about 25 pounds off myself. The nice thing about the plan (I follow it, but honestly can’t remember if I recommended it and am “the Michael”), is that it’s the first method I’ve come across that a) made perfect sense from an explanatory point of view and b) is actually something I can stick to for life. Nicely done on your weight loss.

    • Michael, it wasn’t exactly an endorsement, but you posted the link to Mark’s blog on an old post I wrote about my Frugal Caveman Diet. Needless to say, it was right up my alley, so I’m appreciative of you sharing his site.

      Congrats on your weight loss as well!