Weekly Roundup: Slimming Down Edition

With the weather returning to the 70’s this week, and my pants feeling tighter than ever, I’ve decided it’s about time to formulate a frugal workout regimen. Fortunately, I don’t have to go far for inspiration as several of my blogging friends have also written about their exercise plans. Those who haven’t written specifically about exercise have provided their own forms of inspiration to me over the last week and I wanted to acknowledge their work here. More on the frugal workout regimen later this week.

Trent shared his exercise philosphy as part of his Invest in Yourself: Exercise post. I guess Trent will have more time for investing in himself since he has decided to hang up the employee badge. Good for him – this has been Trent’s dream for a long time and we wish him the best!

J.D. showed off his shiny new (old) bike in Home-based Phyiscal Fitness. He also proved he looks less like a dork than I do on my bike by sharing a riding picture.

My gym membership is about to expire and I am not sure whether or not to renew. Frugal for Life shared some thoughts on the subject in Exercise Free or Gym Membership.

I’m leaning towards doing things from home and hunting down some used weights. Maybe I’ll just use some of that tax rebate check. Ciaran suggests using the money to get over a fear we have – does fear of becoming seriously overweight count?

Before I start shopping for gym equipment I’ll take Ron’s advice to avoid 8 Retail Ripoff Tactics. Exercise equipment sales people are notorious ripoff artists, but now I’m armed with Ron’s excellent “buyer beware” tips.

Of course I’ll need lots of inspiration to stay motivated. Any time I need to be inspired I head over to My Super Charged Life, which will be a little quiet this week because Jeff is heading to Puerto Vallarata. Tough life. At least we can vacation vicariously through him.

In deciding the best choices of things to eat I’m reminded of how difficult it has been to make smart choices with food. Cash Money Life wrote about The Choice of What is Right, and What is Easy. I had this title in mind during my biweekly grocery store visit this week – right (wholesome foods) vs. easy (pre-packaged and portable). If I want this wasteline to slim down I’ll have to choose “right” foods more often than not.

For some final inspiration, I need to get in better shape before my 10-year anniversary coming up with the “frugal wife.” The Writer’s Coin wrote about recently celebrating an important anniversary. They also have a wedding coming up in May – congratulations!

I’d like to wrap up this week’s roundup with a thanks to my subscribers. With your help I hit my goal of 100 subscribers in 60 days (107 to be exact). I hope you will tell all your “frugal” friends (and the not-so-frugal ones, too) about Frugal Dad. We’re just getting started!


  1. Thanks for the link Jason, let me know what comes of the refund check. Whatever you do I’m sure it will be spent wisely;)

  2. I used to eat a lot of the “easy” foods. They take a couple minutes to cook, taste reasonably decent, and don’t cost much. But my wife and I enjoy cooking together (She’s a wonderful cook), and the right foods are so much better for you, and usually cheaper if you make enough to have leftovers.

    Thanks for the mention! 🙂

  3. Hey Jason, thanks for the link.
    Good luck with your weight loss/exercise goals!
    I’ve recently dropped 23 lbs and need to get back in the exercise habit again. What kills me is being on the road, the restaurant food, the late nights. I’m in the middle of a 7 week stint and cannot wait for this to be over! Three more to go — ugh!

  4. My wife being a new stay at home mom has completely transformed my eating (and spending) habits. I’ve gone from eating out 7-10 times a week to eating out once a week. I save somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 a week! Not to mention huge amounts of calories!

  5. Thanks for the link! I really appreciate it!

    And good luck on your fitness/weight loss goals! I am still trying to lose the last of my baby weight and it is HARD!!!!

    Take Care