Weekly Roundup – Sprained Ankle Follow Up Edition

Last week I mentioned my wife had severely sprained her ankle.  It’s been a tough week for her and she didn’t seem to be healing, so we decided to get a second opinion with an orthopaedic surgeon.  Turns out she actually tore ligaments in that fall, and is now in an AirCast boot for the next four weeks.  Talk about going from bad to worse!  Well, we are fortunate it was not broken, and the tears do not require surgery.  I’ll be keeping up with most household duties for the next month or so, and the roundups may be lighter than normal as I am not getting to the feed reader as often as I would like.

9 Black Belt Techniques for Fighting Laziness at Work.  Maybe it is the heat, or being “one down” at home, but I’m seriously lacking in motivation at work.  Next week, I plan to put a few of these ideas to use and hopefully pick up the pace a bit.

A Simple Life is a Good Life – I Believe Less is More.  I’m currently reading a great book on this subject (look for a review early next week).  I’ve recently tried to simplify several areas of my life from weeding out unnecessary junk in our garage and closets to consolidating bank accounts.  I have found that the less things I have to worry about the more peaceful life seems to be.

11 Fun and Frugal Summertime Activities.  I plan to use several of these ideas to get the kids out of the house a bit over the next few weeks.  I especailly like the plant tour idea.  When I was a kid I toured a candy factory and an airplane jet engine manufacturer–I thought both were about the coolest places in the world!

How I Teach My Kids About Money and Life by Using BricksThis one is a real gem!  Ron eloquently describes how lives are built just like a building, one brick at a time.  Good decisions lead to solid “bricks,” and a solid foundation.

How Do You Budget With an Irregular Income. I’m fortunate to have a steady income at the moment, but at some point I would like to work for myself.  Simple Mom provides some great thoughts on how to make a budget work when your income is unpredictable.

Other Great Reads Around the Web

My Book Writing Journey From a Dream to a Deal and a Finished Manuscript.  Looks like Trent has wrapped up the final manuscript for his book.  As a long-time Simple Dollar reader I’m looking forward to reading this one!

Are You Financially Healthy?  The Five Stages.  The debt spiral reminds me of a hamster wheel–the faster you run the faster the wheel turns, but you never gain any ground.  You have so much debt that your minimum payments drain your available cash, so you are forced to charge things the last week of every month.  It’s a vicious cycle!

Fifty Frugal Date Ideas.  I enjoyed this list because most of them required some type of fun activity (which you would expect from a Money and Fitness blog).  I remember when my wife and I were dating we played basketball at a local church and had a great time.  This list is a great reminder that it doesn’t take a lot of money to have fun.

Thoughts on Retirement and Financial Independence.  Some interesting thoughts here on how to find your “number.”  I have a number in mind, but it is a very general target and depends on other factors like whether or not I’m completely debt free (mortgage and everything), whether or not my kids are finished with college, etc.  $1.2 million sounds pretty close.

Rate Your Job, Company and Salary at GlassDoor.com.  The Digerati Life clues us in on an interesting new concept where site visitors may read reviews on a company, salary information for specific positions, etc.  I imagine this would be very helpful when looking for a new job, but I wonder about liability issues for disclosing salaries and negative information about your current employer.

Creating My List of Financial Priorities.  Fresh off a Money Magazine mention, NCN shares his personal list of financial priorities including retirement investing, insurance, budgeting, college savings, etc.  I always enjoy reading what others are doing for various aspects of their financial plans.

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  1. Hello,

    I slipped and fell off my employers bus and chipped a bone and the doctor put me in an aircast for 6 weeks. then off, and i still felt excruciating pain, taking advil like candy. She had me THEN get an MRI which showed torn ligaments. I’ve been in and out of the boot for another 4 months.

    I am so glad!!!!! that she was able to know she tore ligaments right away. Think of the time and pain she has saved.

    Grateful for insurance, doctors….out of the boot! My workers comp case is Monday; wish me luck. I can’t wait for it all to be over.

  2. Thanks for the link to the simplicity piece at My Super-Charged Life. I really enjoyed that one and hadn’t run across it before.