Weekly Roundup – Spring Break Edition

Nothing like another Spring Break vacation at home.  I’ve grown weary of the term “staycation,” so I refuse to call it that this year.  With all that has been going on with us personally we decided it didn’t make sense to spend the money to head out on a vacation this year.  I’ve already started a vacation fund for next year though, because I don’t think my wife and kids will let us get away with another year at home!

The Fab Five

Save Money at Baseball Games.  We’re headed to a spring football game this weekend, and I’ll plan to apply many of these great tips.  The only caveat, I’ll have to spring for a bag of spicy boiled peanuts and an ice cold Coca Cola.  Sorry, but it’s a tradition! (@Lazy Man and Money)

How Do You Know When You Have Enough?  I really enjoyed this post, especially the section, “Four Qualities of Enoughness.”  Recognizing you have reached “enough” is a fundamental milestone in leading a frugal lifestyle.  Without reaching contentment you will constantly want more and more stuff. (@My Two Dollars)

Living Your Passion:  What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur.  Jeff does a powerful job of breaking down the main ingredient required – G.R.I.T.  Read on to find what the letters stand for, and then act on them to live your passion. (@My Super-Charged Life)

Nine Pieces of Software I Use Every Day.  I resisted using Tweetdeck until reading this endorsement from Trent.  I’m glad I did.  It makes following a large number of Twitter users much easier to manage.  Several other nuggets in this article, too! (@The Simple Dollar)

Taking Control of Your Life By Finding Balance.  Enjoyed this article and the ideas presented, particularly the part about creating boundaries.  I need to do a better job of compartmentalizing my life – work, home, blogging, instead of allowing these things to bleed over into one another.(@Money Smart Life)

Best of the Rest

Frugal Entertainment Rule: You Must Try Redbox

Your Home Office: Ideas To Set Up Your Place of Work

Six Conversational Habits to Ditch Today

Get Your Emergency Fund In Place Now

How To Live Life

12 Things Every Teenager Needs To Know About Money (And How To Teach Them)

How To Get Rich By Choosing The Right House

Site of the Week

Repair Pal.  This week I have had to get some work done on my 19 year-old van.  There’s a point where parts are cheaper the older the vehicle gets, and then the curve starts to go up again as things are harder to find. Fortunately, it is a GMC van, and the 1990-1995 parts are still pretty easy to find.  RepairPal.com provides estimates for the most frequent repair jobs for your particularl model.  The estimates are broad, but it should give you a reference point to help determine if your mechanic is giving you the shaft.


  1. I hope you are enjoying your time with the kids!
    Don’t feel guilty about staying home over Spring Break. When we were growing up, “March Break” as we call it in Nova Scotia, was a time to enjoy a “break” from school. It didn’t have to be a vacation. We never went away on March Break. In fact, I don’t remember any of my friends going away unless they had a parent or relatives that lived far from them.

    I notice that a lot of parents will try to register the children for week long “Day Camps” where the kids have a series of planned activities for the week. This is especially helpful for parents who can’t take the week off of work. Our local recreation department has wonderful programs as does the local museums.

    When my son is in school I likely will plan a few day trips over March Break for fun, but not vacations. Maybe a few days at our camp if the weather co-operates. Lately, March has been a cold & nasty month in the Maritimes.