Weekly Roundup: Summer Camp Edition

What happened to summer camps where the kids go off for a couple weeks and come back sunburned and more appreciative of home? These days, “camps” involve daily four-hour activities that requires parents chauffeur kids all over town, dropping them off and returning to work or home just in time to leave again to pick them up.

I digress, let’s move on to the roundup.

The Frugal Roundup

Drive-in Theaters – A Money-Saving Movie Experience. Two opening weekend movies for $6.75 a person? Now that’s what I call a deal! (@Lazy Man and Money)

The Southern Plate. A friend recently recommended this website as a resource for recipes, and I have really enjoyed looking through their index. I particularly like the pics of ingredients and food prep as it helps show me what I’m doing wrong.

Three Passive Barriers I Use to Counter Consumerism. In this video post, Baker shares three tips on how he and his wife fend off consumerism. (@Get Rich Slowly)

Store-Brand vs. Name-Brand Blind Taste Test. I don’t know why, but these taste test are really starting to amuse me. (@Len Penzo)

Best of the Rest

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  1. I love your comment about summer camps! You are so right, parents feel “they owe it” to their kids to offer more and more – we are on strike this summer – no organized “day camps” we will be making our own fun, not sitting in the car in the heat! I can’t wait. Thanks for all you share and even when you include me! Have a great weekend!

  2. The Girls Scouts & Boy Scouts still offer 1-2 weeks of “away” camp, which my older daughter enjoyed. The youngest wasn’t comfortable being away from home that long, so she went to GS day camp, which was actually an all day camp (8-5) and transportation was available.

  3. best two months of my life every year were the two months I was away at camp. Best two months of my parents’ lives every year were the two months I was away at camp 😀

  4. I completely agree with you! My husband and I both work full-time so we have to have all-day childcare for his three kids during the summer. I looked and looked. The karate camps, gymnastic camps and horse camps I found went from 7AM-11AM or even 9AM-12PM, and they were all ridiculously expensive. The city’s sports camp was the best option I found- it goes from 7-6 and they do fun activities like movie trips and swimming excursions for $85 a week. I probably wouldn’t want them to be gone for a week at a time, but I definitely appreciate the camp options that let me work a full 8-hour day without taking breaks to play Shuttle Mom!