Weekly Roundup – The Enough Diet Edition

Week one of the “Enough Diet” is in the books, and I’m pleased to announce as of this morning I’ve dropped about five pounds.  I inadvertently kicked off the Enough Diet when I wrote about having enough last week.  I decided I would apply the same feeling of contentment to food that I have tried to apply to material things over the last couple years.

The beauty of the Enough Diet is its simplicity.  I literally eat anything I want, but only until I’ve had enough. That means no downing an entire bag of M&Ms, or polishing off a 20oz. Coca Cola in one sitting.  Now I might just have a small handful of M&Ms, and pour about 6oz. of Coca Cola to enjoy with my dinner.  That’s just enough.

The Fab Five

What Money Can’t Buy. We talk a lot about money here, but this article is a great reminder that there are so many more important things in life that cannot be bought with any amount of money.  (@ Marc and Angel Hack Life)

Why I Pick Stocks: Choosing Individual Stocks Over Mutual Funds. In the past, I’ve shied away from picking individual stocks as part of my overall investing plan.  I did manage to make a little money with a speculative pick right out of college, but I lost any profit trying to recreate it through a number of bad picks. (@ The Digerati Life)

One Of Life’s Greatest Contradictions: Learn To Love What You Hate.  Ah, this one really spoke to me!  I prepared most of these links the night before and I was really dreading my workout.  I literally read this article, paused the roundup post and hit the weights.  (@ My Super-Charged Life)

The Savings Account, The Spending Account & The Charity Account.  The “giving” gift card idea shared here is brilliant!  What a wonderful way to encourage our kids to become givers. (@ My Life ROI)

Get Out of Debt: Give Up Your Favorites.  Getting out of a large hole of debt takes an unbelievable amount of sheer will and perseverance. The first step is the acknowledgment of the things you must give up to get there.  (@ No Debt Plan)

Best of the Rest

Quote of the Week

I saw this one on Twitter, but unfortunately I don’t remember the author.  If you can claim it, let me know:

“Who would have thought the top headlines in 2009 would be Swine Flu, pirates and tea parties.”

Strange indeed.


  1. FD you learned a valuable lesson about enough. Did you know it takes 20 minutes for your brain to register that your tummy is full?
    Your stomach is approximately the size of your fist?
    Consider those things and you’ll recognize why, when eating, enough is not very much at all!
    Continue to love the Frugal Dad!

  2. Thanks for including my article!

    The first giving gift card that I received was from my g/f’s parents. They sure are a great idea!


  3. Thank you for such good Information, Really appreciate the work done by you…..If you are looking out for genuine weight loss tips ……Please Check out the blog mentioned below its really cooool !!!!!!! Also there is an amazing Tea game…. Check it out, I’m Sure you’ll love it.


  4. Great collection of articles as usual! Thanks so much for including me. Your enough diet sounds very interesting. I like the premise of it anyway. We could all practice the principle in just about every area of our lives!

  5. Thanks for the link to the piece about learning to love what you hate. I do that selectively in my life and need to apply the principle across the board a bit more. I’ve actually printed the post to give to my kids, one of whom has a habit of not doing homework that he thinks is dumb. The result is a bad grade of course. I would like to see his attitude change…maybe this will help. Thanks again – wonderful information here as always.