Weekly Roundup: The ER Edition

ankle xrayMy wife and I spent several hours in the emergency room Thursday morning after she took a spill and rolled her ankle. We were fairly certain it was broken, but thankfully the x-rays proved otherwise. She’s in a boot and on crutches, which has left most household duties to me. I’m behind on writing and reading from my feed reader, but I did find a few gems this week around the web.

Marc and Angel put together a great list of 30 Useful Tools Everyone Should Own. Would you believe the only thing I don’t own is a portable GPS? OK, you probably would guess that. With prices coming down on these gadgets I’ll probably pick one up some time this year, but I’ve managed pretty well with Google Maps and an atlas.

The Simple Dollar shared How to Write an Effective Thank You Note. In today’s world of instant, electronic communications, thank you notes are an antiquated way to express thanks. They are also the most effective

Moolanomy has jumped on board the 100 Pushup Challenge. I should probably do this myself as I continue to rehab my shoulder from last year’s rotator cuff repair surgery (what a nightmare that was!).

Simple Mom breaks down how to put together a Zero-Based Budgets for the Home: A Primer. I’m such a sucker for a great budgeting article, and this one doesn’t disappoint! We’ve been on a zero-based budget for well over a year now and for us, it is the best way to go.

My Dollar Plan gives us a rundown in What is Credit Card Arbitrage. I still don’t have the guts to try this, but doesn’t sound quite as scary after reading more.

My Super-Charged Life gives us 7 Ways to Take Personal Responsibility and Live a Better Life. I’m so weary of the lack of personal responsibility in our society.

PT Money shares All-Inclusive Resort: My Experience. I’ve got vacation on the brain, and this one didn’t help!

The Wisdom Journal reminds us that Creditors Have Better Memories than Debtors. I’ve been on both sides of the lending fence, and he’s right!

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