WeSeed: Investing For The Rest Of Us

The following guest post is from Carlos Portocarrero, WeSeed Writer.

Quick question: how many of you out there want to learn more about the stock market but can’t make it through a single issue of The Economist before your eyes start to cross and you start nodding off?

Welcome to the club-but just because you don’t want to become a professional stock trader, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn the basics of investing in a fun, interesting way.

What is WeSeed?

WeSeed.com is a safe place where you can learn about investing without getting bored to death. Investing isn’t about formulas and ratios that keep everyday people like you and I from participating in the stock market. It’s about the things we buy and the companies behind them.

As we like to say, WeSeed is the stock market for the rest of us. Think of WeSeed as the stock market with massive training wheels attached.

There are all kinds of things you can do at WeSeed, like:

  • Find stocks that relate to what you know and love
  • Explore real companies and real stocks
  • Buy and sell stocks in a totally safe environment
  • Interact with other users and follow their portfolios
  • Comment on stories or companies you like

Some Background

When I was in college, all my friends subscribed to The Wall Street Journal. They all wanted to make tons of money and the stock market was the place to do it. The problem was, they didn’t even know how to create a budget, start a high-yield savings account, or control their spending. They didn’t care about that stuff-they wanted to make millions in the stock market, and the Journal was the way to do it.

If you took a short walk around campus, you’d see Journals piled up on almost every door. They came every day and my friends (and lots of others) could never keep up-they didn’t have the time or the discipline to sit down and read them. So they piled up-these kids wanted to get rich but all they were doing was throwing their money away day after day.

It Starts with Personal Finance

Investing starts with personal finance-that’s why I’m at Frugal Dad, one of the best personal-finance sites out there. You start off by learning the basics: controlling your spending, creating a budget, eliminating your debt, etc. Those are the essentials of personal finance. Once you master them you move on to the next step: investing.

How WeSeed can Help

At WeSeed, our goal is to get people interested in the stock market. Why? Because it’s important stuff-it’ll make you smarter, more aware, and it’ll help you understand what the heck is going on the next time your job has a 401(k) meeting.

But not on Wall Street’s terms-on your terms.

It’s not only about learning, either. It’s about learning in a community of other people that want to teach and be taught. Because when we all band together, we have an advantage that Wall Street doesn’t have: The things we buy and products we use are what wind up driving stock prices-so if we share what we know about these products, we’ll know about the trends before Wall Street figures out what’s going on.

Learning Doesn’t Have to be Boring

WeSeed isn’t about getting rich or making tons of money. We’re about getting smart and opening up the world of stocks to everyone. Because if we’re the ones driving stock prices by setting trends and buying products, shouldn’t we come along for the ride?

WeSeed.com also has tons of other cool stuff like fun videos (for those that can’t stand reading) that highlight current events and how the stock market ties into almost everything you can think of.

The best part? We’re still making tons of changes, so if you have a great idea that makes it easier for you and everyone else to learn about stocks, then shoot it our way and odds are we’ll try to add it to the site.

Check us out at WeSeed.com and let us know what you think!

Note from Frugal Dad:  The WeSeed website has been up and down most of Friday morning. Talk about bad timing! I hope you’ll bookmark it, or check back here, and visit the site later when it is up and running.  It is worth the wait.


  1. Six months ago I was in the bottom category (The Know Nothings), now, thanks to people like FrugalDad, Stacking Pennies, Wide Open Wallet and Dave Ramsey, I’m proud to say I’m in the middle category. Maybe WeSeed can help me take that last step.

    Unfortunately, just went to check it out, and the site is down for an upgrade. I hope they didn’t plan on being down during business hours the day after a guest post like this. Hopefully the site comes back up soon.

  2. On one hand, I think this sounds like the way I would like to start investing in the stock market (aside from my 401K). I want to invest in companies that I know about and think will do well without having to manage a huge online account with tens of thousands of choices or through widely diversified index or mutual funds. I’ll have to take a look at it.

    On the other hand, the stock markets opened up over an hour ago and the WeSeed.com site is down for maintenance?? That is not a good way to start a business relationship.

    I am also surprised that FrugalDad actually allowed a 675 word ad stuck right in the middle of his personal, insightful and sometimes delightfully controversial blog. Are you getting backlogged with work FD? I could write a rant or two for you. 🙂

  3. This sounds promising indeed.

    The site is down and so I cannot check it out at the moment. But the description in the blog entry makes this sound like the answer to a dream. The potential of this idea is unlimited.

    This makes me feel more hopeful about the future of the U.S. economy than anything I have seen in several months. Maybe it won’t work out . But I make no apologies for getting excited about the idea. I have seen first hand how much pent-up desire there is out there for something like this.

    The big problem with most investing advice is that marketing concerns dominate. The internet permits ordinary people to get together and sort through what is good and what is bad in the advice being promoted at any given time. I am psyched!

    Power to the People!


  4. @DavidK: I’ve known Carlos for a while now and I even had the opportunity to provide some input on the site features early on; that’s why I was agreeable to the post. Besides, I honestly believe WeSeed could be a valuable tool for financial education – something I am naturally a fan of, and don’t mind sharing with readers.

    Back with another “delightfully controversial” rant tomorrow. As for contributing a rant or two – consider this an open invitation. I’d love to have a guest post from a long-time reader!

    @BayouJosh: I’m also disappointed to find the site is down the day of the guest post, but I assure you they didn’t schedule maintenance around Frugal Dad’s schedule – I’m not that important!

  5. As for contributing a rant or two – consider this an open invitation. I’d love to have a guest post from a long-time reader!


    I would be thrilled to be able to contribute a guest blog entry here. Please just let me know that you are open to looking at something and I will get some words out to you. That’s an open invitation. If you are not open to the idea today but at some later date feel differently, please just let me know.

    I’ve worked the investing side hard for the past seven years and there are lots of ordinary people who have expressed gratitude to me for letting them know about grave flaws in the conventional wisdom. I think there is an urgent need to get this stuff before as many people as possible before too much more time passes through the hourglass.

    Thanks for letting all of us know about WeSeed. The “rest of us” do very much need to learn some things about how investing works in the real world.


  6. @Carlos: Thanks for updating us. The good news is people were interested enough to complain about the site being down. If I’m not interested, I just hit a site, find it’s down and move on. Hope the kinks are worked out soon.

  7. @CarlosPorto, well now to make sure everything is ok between WeSeed.com and us readers, we’ll need you to compensate us on what we could have earned in the few hours the site is down. I could’ve made a killing by shorting stock in the last few days! A few hundred dollars for each commenter should do it. 🙂


    Maybe you could post here when the site is back up. I get my updates to this comments section by email and really don’t want to keep checking back on the site all day.

  8. @CarlosPorto Sounds like a good service, always looking to learn new thing about stocks, especially as someone who is young and lacks the investing experience. I look forward to connecting with you on twitter as well.

  9. I can’t wait to check this site out. I’ve always been great at saving money and not going into debt, etc.

    However, I’ve always been stuck when learning about investing. I’m interested, but it just bores me to freaking tears. I actually started off as a Finance major in college (many moons ago), but had to switch to Marketing. Ha! It was just too boring.

    I’m anxious to see if I can learn something from this site without falling asleep! Thanks!