What Are Your Searching For

Sounds like another deep post, doesn’t it?  Actually, this one should be fun.  One of the benefits of running your own site is you get to see how people landed here.  Some are directly referred from other sites, but a few manage to find Frugal Dad via the [tag]search engines[/tag].  And not all of the searches are related to finances or frugality.  Here are a few of the search phrases I found most entertaining, along with the link to the associated article:

can you use the same towel twice
dreams about giving up
upside down car wreck money
stop to pick up food
unusual rustoleum car paint jobs

I’ll be back with more thought-provoking financial posts later but in the meantime check out some Amazon Coupon Codes or Microsoft promo codes.  Just thought with all the negative financial news out the last several days everyone could use some comic relief.  I know I could!


  1. Looking through server logs can reveal some pretty crazy, and sometimes quite disturbing, searches. It makes you wonder how they found your site with some phrases.

  2. You’re right, sometimes I wonder how people found me too. StumbleUpon has a lot to do with it, I’ve noticed. This weekend I got a lot of overseas hits (?) Belgium, Denmark, England, Australia, Canada. 30% of my hits came from overseas. One from Moscow even.

  3. I seem to get a bunch from India and Indonesia. I guess a lot of people over there speak English, since my site is only in English. It just goes to show the power of the Internet I guess – people all across the world can read what folks like us write.