Where’s the Roundups?

It’s been a while since I shared a link collection. Weekends have been busy, and my time outdoors have driven down my time spent reading other blogs. I still accumulate great posts to share, but they don’t come at a pace conducive to a weekly roundup.

Going forward, I plan to simply share links when I have a quality collection, but probably not the same time every week (and probably a smaller amount of links in each post – easier to digest). Perhaps this will work better for both of us.

These 7 Foods are a MASSIVE Waste of Your Money. Makes you stop and think before paying a premium for certain “organic” foods. Put those savings into more “high-value” foods listed in this piece.

You Can Afford It…but Should You? Even if you can afford something, you have to consider what you’re giving up by spending the money. There is always a trade off.

7 Things You Don’t Want to Skimp On. Remember the difference between cheap and being frugal. Cheap people will skimp on anything. Frugal people refuse to skimp on the few things they consider most important.

Emergency Preparedness on a Shoestring. It makes sense to adequately prepare, but supplies sure are expensive. Consider these tips to put together a stockpile without breaking the bank.

10 Hard Truths About Blogging. While I’m not blogging for a living, I am blogging to support a living. And these “hard truths” are worth considering before taking up blogging (or any entrepreneurial endeavor, for that matter).

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  1. Joseph Mercola is a well-known quack doctor, frequently at odds with the scientific community – I would hesitate linking to him in the future even if the article itself makes sense.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Corinne. I don’t always link to articles that I agree with, but are thought-provoking or good conversation starters. I plead ignorance on Mercola’s “quackery,” but am off to investigate a bit for myself. Like all “experts,” I take their advice with a grain of salt – agreeing with things I believe in and discounting the extreme opinions.

  2. Dumblittleman’s “10 Hard Truths About Blogging” really hit home!

    I’m getting better at optimizing my time, but it’s still a struggle. Hopefully it becomes easier with time.

  3. In the first link the author basically denigrates pasteurized milk. I subsequently lost interest in the rest of what he had to say. There’s a difference between supporting organically and locally sourced items and being crazy overboard in that direction.

  4. How is it a rip-off if you’re buying to support the farming methods? Half the reason I purchase organics are to ‘vote’ with my dollars to support farming methods I believe in. Even if pesticides are negligible on/in the food, the pesticides are still going into the soil and water. It’s not all a selfish pursuit. It’s not all about the pesticides my family consume, but that that is in the world.

    • That’s a valid point, Matt, and I certainly understand your expression of frugality through “voting with dollars,” as those dollars could be spent on something else of less value to you.

  5. 10 Hard truths about blogging is excellent. Thank you for sharing the link.

    When I get time this week, I’ll check the other links you shared.

    Glad to see you doing this again. I also love that you will share when you have time or when you have enough links. It doesn’t have to be on a set schedule by any means.

    Mrs. White

  6. I really liked dumblittleman’s blogging truths, hadn’t seen his site before now, thanks for the link!

  7. Three is a good number for a round-up….
    more than that is sometimes more than I have time to investigate 🙂

    And just “whenever”…. I don’t hold you to a schedule 🙂
    Always enjoy the roundups whenever they appear 🙂

  8. On organic milk – while it does not mean that the cow is grass-fed, it does mean that the hay, silage, grain, etc that the cow receives are all organic also, and that any heifers coming into the herd were also raised organically on certified organic ground.

    Not that I’m into organic, I was just pointing that out as a past dairy farmer 🙂

  9. OK, I don’t get get the bid about Mercola being a quack. I didn’t see anything in the linked article that was *way* out there. Maybe there’s other things he advocates that are out in left field, but raw milk is just not controversial.
    Good list of links, especially the one about the 10 truths of blogging.

  10. I really liked the article about emergency preparedness. Disaster can come anytime of the day so alertness and preparedness is a must. Or well at least you have enough knowledge on what to do when the time comes.

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  11. I got stuck at the headline. “Where’s the Roundups?” = “Where Is the Roundups?”. You’re usually much better than that, FD, even if this is a “only” a blog. Will you please, for your adoring fans, fix it?