And the Winner of the Amazon Kindle Fire Contest Is…

Penny Harris!

Thanks to each and every one of the 983 people who entered and made this the most successful giveaway I have run so far.

I’d like to run another giveaway starting December 12th. What would you like to win?

Please let me know in the comments below or via Twitter or Facebook.


  1. A cash card is always good and can be used for whatever the recipient needs! Or Paypal cash or another awesome thing like the Kindle Fire or an ipad. Whatever you dicide, thanks!

  2. CONGRATS Penny!!! And thanks for running this contest! I think you should keep giving away kindles, but thats just because i really want to win one.

  3. Thank you for offering this sweet deal, I would say the most wanted Techno Gadgets would be an Ipad2 or a Kindle fire. Ty *+*

  4. I want a either the toshiba ultrabook, hp folio 13 ultrabook, or some awesome windows phones!!!! 🙂