Wrestling Online Privacy

Computer security and privacy protection is becoming more and more of a practical necessity. These days, data collection and the dangers of hacking are becoming more and more present and pervasive: nearly every website collects user data, and nearly every person with a computer should be thinking about how to protect their sensitive information. Norton Internet Security makes some of the best products for protecting privacy and ensuring the general security of your technology against viruses and other malicious threats like phishing and trojans. Norton has been making protective security software since 1990, and they offer a fairly comprehensive line of products to help their customers keep their computer systems and private information safe and secure.
Privacy is becoming an increasing issue in an age where nearly everything can be done or negotiated online. There are troubling statistics about just how much personally identifiable information is floating around unprotected on the Internet. Recently, for example, researchers at Carnegie Mellon found they could accurately predict the full nine-digit social security numbers of millions of people using publicly available information on the web. With 1 and 10 consumers in the US already having fallen victim to identity theft, investing in software to help protect your sensitive and private information is a wise decision. This infographic has some useful tips about how to further protect your data, and it lays out some of the facts about how pervasive data collection is and how it works.


  1. I do not want AARP to share my name with specifically selected non profit groups
    pursuant to changes in the Privacy Policy

  2. You really need to add information about American spy agencies like Level 3 Communications and NTT America. Not only do they mine your computer looking for the slightest shred of some kind of threat, so they can put you on their watch list but then they continue spying on you from there. They are not above destroying your OS, hard drive and virus programs don’t even detect their anti-American spying. They also own Qwest (had any interesting convos lately? You can be assured that they have a recording of it). Like Centurylink? So do they, easier to keep tract of your viewing habits.

    Add in Global Crossings and NTT.net and you have a clear view of the violations of our conststutional rights

    We’re under attack from the Chinese, who is now considered to be a greater threat than Al Queda but they can divert their attention and monies to spy on innocent innocent Americans

  3. I, like most people, wonder around the net inputting details without a care in the world. It’s astonishing how much data is collected about you and after looking at EPIC and blog posts like this you quickly come to terms with the reality of how much information is out there about you. Privacy should mean just that, PRIVACY.

  4. I’d like to offer an additional privacy step: disconnect from the net when you’re not at your computer. A switch like one from spykiller.org will do the trick.